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June 2019
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Long days.  Deadlines.  Demanding customers.

It can be really tough to keep your team motivated, especially as we go into the heat of summer.
Even the best leaders need a little help coaxing top performance from their teams.  Here are some ideas you can use each day to increase motivation:     
1) Share your sincere appreciation:  "I appreciate your efforts."   "You did a good job on ..."   "Thanks, keep up the __ ."
2)  Eat lunch with the team.  Less formal time together will help you find out genuine employee concerns so that you can fix things that are not working well.  It's a great way for everyone to get to know each other too. 
3)  Make sure everyone gets some positive recognitionPraise accomplishments in front of peers.  Be sure to share encouragement with everyone.  Don't play favorites.
4) Share the big picture.   Talk about what results the customer needs.  Hold company meetings.  Share what's new.  Tell the good and the bad. 
5) Provide upgraded tools.  Boost safety, productivity and morale. Don't disregard requests when equipment is broken or worn.
Need more ideas for landscape employee motivation?  Check out this FREE handbook written just for contractors.  
The Team at Normac

Hunter's New Flexible, Color-Coded HDL Dripline Simplifies
Drip Installation and Maintenance

  Quick to Install and Easy to Stay Organized  
Hunter Dripline (HDL) is a high-efficiency, consistent flow dripline that accommodates a range of drip system needs. HDL is color-coded for quick field identification and easily uncoils for simple installation. 
  • Offered in three options: HDL-CV (pressure-compensating with check valve), HDL-PC (pressure-compensating), HDL-R (pressure-compensating for use with reclaimed water)
  • All coils sizes stretch-wrapped for easy and efficient handling
  • Color-coded flow-indication stripes to identify flow in the field

The new ESP-ME3 builds on the station modularity and easy programming of the ESP-Me WiFi ready controller and adds flow sensor compatibility for accessible, reliable system control.
Powerful Accessories  Smart weather adjustments and flow monitoring available through the LNK WiFi module and a wired flow sensor.    The flow sensor provides real-time alerts of system conditions, allowing you to react to system problems quickly.
Simple to Use  Reduced dial positions and a back-lit screen make programming easy to understand and explain.  
Flexible Installation Indoor or outdoor use and expandable up to 22 stations.  
Click here to get all of the details on this great new product.  
Kichler has simplified their LightPro Rewards program and made it easier to recognize and reward the performance of LightPro members with quarterly rewards, annual recognition awards, and a more streamlined way to earn a spot on the annual all-inclusive trip.  
Members have - no more points to track; no more passwords to remember; instead they can just sit back and Kichler will deliver the rewards.
  • Automatically earn rewards at every purchase tier achieved: $5,000, $10,000, $25,000 and $50,000
  • Earn 4 Trip Credits for every $50,000 of annual purchases. Trip cost 12 Trip Credits for 1 rooms/2 people.
Additional program benefits include: Partnership support, access to business-building materials including images and assets, free demo kits, as well as complimentary design and layout services.
Simply sign up today at www.lightprorewards.com 
Drainage:  Offering the Option Now Gives Your Customers the Benefit When They Need it Later 
Quoting a landscaping project?   Offer the option of landscape drainage.   Surveys show that homeowners appreciate this recommendation and over half of the owners surveyed said they purchased the drainage option when it was offered.

Savvy contractors are adding a drainage option to landscape bids for every project to prevent future problems and provide property owners with added peace-of-mind. 

· Help prevent future problems
· Control erosion and washouts
· Keep water away from structures
· Add peace-of-mind for your customer

We offer a complete range of drainage solutions from ADS Drainage including pipe, fittings, catch basins, grates, culverts, leaching wells and more.

Ask us about drainage solutions for your next project.
NDS Presents Video Series on How to Calculate Drainage
NDS provides contractors with the most informative tools in the drainage industry
NDS has created a video series that has been designed to take the contractor through three crucial steps to fix drainage problems:
  • Identify current or potential drainage problems
  • Calculate how much runoff water you need to plan for
  • How to identify and properly size a solution that will work for you.
In an upcoming six-part series, the NDS resident civil engineer, Dr. Drainage, walks you through how to calculate runoff, store runoff, size your catch basin and determine what drain pipe to use. Click here to see the full series on YouTube.
In addition to these videos, NDS has created a series of online calculators that make it easy for contractors to plug in information from their jobsite and it helps you calculate drainage for your dry well, French drain, and drain pipe.
For more information please visit the NDS YouTube channel for extensive installation videos and helpful product overviews.
Zurn Pressure Reducing Valves (PRVs) Increase Landscape Water Efficiency
Improving the efficiency of an outdoor irrigation system is an important factor in water conservation. 
Many existing lawn sprinkler systems are operating at water pressures exceeding pressures recommended by sprinkler manufacturers. Higher operating pressures create system inefficiencies due to excessive flow rates, misting, uneven coverage and water waste when watering areas outside the landscaping. Lower water pressures generate appropriate water droplet size from the spray heads and provide a more uniform distribution of water across the landscape increasing the irrigation system's performance.
The most straight forward method of lowering water pressure to an irrigation system is accomplished by adding a single  water  pressure reducing valve (PRV) at the point of connection (POC) to the irrigation system. The single PRV installed along the POC line will regulate variable high inlet water pressures to a constant lower optimal water pressure for the entire irrigation system. This allows the installed spray heads and drip emitters to operate in their recommended high efficiency pressure range. Increased water efficiency will be immediately realized by the irrigation system with this one change. Therefore, irrigation systems that experience high inlet pressures would realize significant water savings when designed or retrofitted with a PRV installed along the POC to the mainline. This technique for lowering water pressure to an irrigation system is common practice for both landscape irrigation designers and landscape contractors.
Zurn Industries promotes efficient landscape watering using Zurn Wilkins Pressure Reducing Valves. For more information on Pressure Reducing Valves, visit  zurn.com or our irrigation playlist on YouTube at  OneZurn.