New Road Crew Stickers For June Now Available
As we roll into summer, let’s keep things hot with the latest releases for The Road Crew!

June features a pair of new stickers for any member of the Road Crew who runs a game this month. You can order six stickers, either of a single design or a mix of the two—you choose!

You still can get copies of the previous months’ stickers, as well! While supplies last, you can still order them for your Road Crew games. But they won’t be around forever, so don’t delay.

Now, let’s look at those new stickers, now available for order in our online store!
Event Registration for DCC Day Online Opens Saturday!
Our second annual DCC Day Online event will be a one-day gaming con with dedicated tracks for both new and experienced players alike. Badges are only $2 and all introductory games for new players are free to play with just a badge!

All other events will open up for registration on Saturday, June 5 at noon! You'll be able to sign up to play in your game of choice and get a seat at the virtual table for our day-long celebration of DCC RPG!

So head on over to TableTop Events and plan out your day right now! On Saturday you'll be able to sign up for your game of choice and roll some funky dice with friends.
DCC Day Kits Have Shipped!
For those of you running an in-store event, we're happy to report that the DCC Day Kits have shipped from us! That means your FLGS most likely already has them in hand, but if not, they will be there very soon!

Make sure you coordinate with your game store to get all of the pieces in place for your in-store event. We want DCC Day 2021 to be an exciting, fun-filled day at every participating location.

June 26 will be here before you know it! Let's all get ready to have a great DCC Day 2021!