~2017 Fire Year~  

"An Interview with Malidoma Somé"
Ancient Wisdom Rising

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"Love is the ascension to the Divine Consciousness. Love is the soul realizing that healing is possible everywhere anytime. Love walks hand in hand with beauty. It knows that vulnerability is sacred and power. Love is the world becoming well again."


-Malidoma Somé

2017 Upcoming Events

Malidoma Folded Arms

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Upcoming Opportunities for a 
Private Divination with Elder Malidoma
Divination Spread

Experiencing a personal divination with Elder Malidoma is a beautiful, empowering and healing manifestation of Spirit.  It is an opportunity to hear direction from the realm of the Ancestors and to connect, more deeply, with what you know "in your bones".  

Elder Malidoma utilizes cowry shell divination for his sessions.  You will be asked to spread a pile of shells, bones, stones, and other implements on a special "divination cloth".  This spread is what Malidoma will read and interpret to bring a message about your life and purpose for being on the planet at this time.  The message will also be about finding balance with the Elemental Spirits of Earth, Water, Fire, Nature and Mineral.

Upcoming Private Divinations
Unless otherwise indicated, please contact info@Malidoma.com for additional details~ or to  Schedule your Private Divination.
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Port Stanley, Ontario, Canada
June 30th and July 1st & 2nd

July 24th, 25th & 26th

Orlando, FL
August 1st

New York City, NY
August 4th -5th

Chicago, IL
August 11th, 12th & 13th

Asheville, NC
September 4th & 5th 

Stroud & London, UK
September 25th -28th 

October 9th, 10th & 11th

Upcoming Programs with Elder Malidoma
3-Day Intensive: Community Grief Ritual

Ontario, Canada
July 3-5, 2017

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3-Day Intensive

Ancestralization Ritual Weekend 

July 21st - 23rd

There are many souls who are waiting to be assisted in their journey to the spirit world. This series of rituals, based on Dagara tradition, is designed to help them make that transition. We will spend
Friday evening through Sunday morning planning and participating in various rituals specifically choreographed to assist the spirits of the dead make their journeys back to the spirit world. The rituals will also assist the living in letting go, in a powerful way, of attachments that might keep souls bound to this earth plane. The Dagara believe that the deceased can become powerful allies once they are fully "at home" in the ancestral realm.  
For Additional Details/Registration, p lease contact:
J.Amadea Demsar
 Phone #: 00 386 70 476 289        E-mail:  demsar.ja@gmail.com

Cowry Shell Divination 
Year-long  Certification Training

Asheville, NC

August 19-20, 2017
Understanding the Elementals

November 11-12, 2017
Understanding the Symbol and its Position on the Cloth

March 10-11, 2018
The Art of Prescription. Divination and Ritual Healing.

June 7-10, 2018
Deepening of the Practice and Certification Ritual

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-A Gathering of Men with Malidoma Somé-
4-Day Men's Ritual Intensive

"Men of Spirit Moving Forward Together"

August 31st - September 3rd, 2017 
Asheville, NC 

During this 4-Day ritual intensive, men will join together in brotherhood to journey into and through ancient indigenous Dagara wisdom- remembering that we are, each of us, going somewhere purposeful in life. Through the healing interaction of ritual with men in community~ there will be an opportunity to open ourselves to the release and reconciliation of those thoughts, emotions, issues, obstacles and energies- that have created a numbness, tension, or paralysis for us. Through this process, we will invite and allow the life force and strength of our Purpose and Gift to, once again, flow through us- unobstructed.

As we move  forward  on our chosen path, 
 let us remember- and experience together- that we do not walk alone.
 As we remember and embody the innate power that lies within us, let us continue to receive support from both this world and the Otherworld as we deepen the embodiment of our Purpose & Gift and move forward.

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Men's Day-Long Ritual Intensive
with Malidoma

"Men of Spirit Moving Forward Together"

September 2nd, 2017
12:30pm - 11pm
Asheville, NC

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5-Day Intensive: Annual Community Grief Ritual

Orlando, Florida
November 1-5, 2017

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about this powerful community ritual please

5-Day Kontomblé Immersion 
 with Elder Malidoma

Kontomblé Shrine in Dano, Burkina Faso, West Africa

Kontomblé Initiation & Divination 
with Elder Malidoma Somé
November 29th - December 3rd, 2017
Asheville, NC

Connecting with the Kontomblé engages us in an ongoing conversation with the Other World. Because these beings are constantly reaching out to us, it is normal to respond; the channel is a two-way road complete with a steady traffic of communication. An active contribution and participation to this two-way road provides us with clarity and comfort in what these Kontomblé people want from us, and allows us to tell them what we need from them.
To do so, we will build and activate their shrine.  Because they need an earthly form to enter into, we must first give it to them in the form and shape they like. We will then spend the night in conversation, a dialogue on wisdom and on inquiries into specific issues that pertain to our lives as healers, and on ways to implement health and abundance.
See this as a confluence that merges this world to the other and celebrates continuity. We will learn how to lend our vocal selves to the other world and how to stay out of the way for them to speak to us and through us; to speak in us and with us. We must be the vessels they need to guide us through.

*For those who have been working with the Kontomblé this is a chance to ground your work ever deeper with guidance from Elder Malidoma.

*For those who are new to working with the Kontomblé, this is your chance to work with Elder Malidoma & Kontomblé directly.
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Save the Date!
Coming up in 2018

Journey to Burkina Faso with Elder Malidoma 
January 10th - 24th, 2018
(please only consider this if you can arrive ON January 10th. 
 Late arrivals cannot be accommodated)
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Indigenous African Spirit Technologies
Two-Year Intensive
Asheville, NC
photo credit: Craig Tracy

Beginning May 16-20, 2018
August 22-26, 2018
November 7-11, 2018
April, 2019
August, 2019

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