Volume 74 - No. 6 | June 2022
Worship on Sunday, June 5, 2022 @10:00am

Special Offering:
Strengthen the Church (UCC) /
America for Christ (ABC)

Pentecost Sunday with a special ONA Moment. Please wear RED, or any of the colors of the rainbow 

If you are worshiping from home, please have a piece of bread or cracker and a drink ready for Communion.

The service will also be live streamed to Facebook.

Don't have Facebook? Don't worry, you can still view the live service from any device by following this link: https://www.facebook.com/Trinitychurchnorthborough/      

A step-by-step tutorial on how to access Facebook Live, click HERE

Have your Bible, a candle and lighter ready and create a worshipful space, maybe with a cross, a nice tablecloth, or other devotional items that are meaningful to you.

Replay on Verizon channel 31 and Charter channel 191
Sundays (previous week's) at 6pm and Thursdays at 8:30am. 

Rita is here to help you. If you need technical assistance please email her at trinitychurchnboro@gmail.com or call her (508) 393-8156 and she will walk you through each step.
Coffee Hour 
Will be hosted by the ONA team.
June is Pride Month!

It’s a celebration of all members of the LGBTQIA+ community and their allies, a celebration of the fact that they all are alive and beautiful, and are God’s beloved children. Not sure what LGBTQIA+ stands for? Read about it here: https://abbreviations.yourdictionary.com/what-does-lgbtqia-stand-for-full-acronym-explained.html

The more you know, the more sensitive you can be with the words you choose, the questions you ask, and how you treat people who may not fit into any of the boxes our society has created.
We have been trained to think that there are men and women and that’s it. Boys and girls. Blue and pink. You’ve got to pick one. Now we are learning that’s not enough. Boys can love pink, and girls can wear blue. It’s okay for boys to play with dolls or toy kitchens, and girls to have their own tool box and work on cars. All expectations on who a person “should be” are shifting. This leaves a lot of uncertainty and confusion for those who were raised differently. But it also creates a significant amount of freedom.

I caught myself making a sexist comment when I was in the nursery with Trinity Tots last month. I moved away from the train track and said, “I’ll let the men fix it.” But then I thought, what message am I sending to the kids in the room? Why can’t I fix the tracks? The reality is, I’m not a very handy person. But it’s not because of my gender. It’s because of my lack of interest, and training, although my father did try. (I also like to state the fact that I’m lefthanded as an excuse.) If I wanted to be more adept at fixing things, I could learn. All girls or women can learn, just as all boys and men can learn to cook or sew.

And again, I’m writing in binary language: male and female. That’s limiting, and it excludes human beings who don’t fit into either of those categories. There’s a whole spectrum between male and female. Again, it’s confusing and unsettling to those who have been raised in that binary thinking. But it also broadens our perspective. We’re just people, friends. We’re human beings. And we have a right to choose how we want to be addressed: As “she” or “he”, as “they” or “ze.”

The first step we can take is not to assume we know someone’s gender. Avoid using pronouns until we know which pronouns they prefer. We can also be proactive and add our pronouns to our church nametags, email signatures, Zoom name, social media profiles. Stating that I go by “she/her” makes it safe for others to disclose their pronouns.

Lots to learn and discover. Let’s be open, humble and curious, kind and compassionate. And let’s celebrate all the colors of the rainbow – including yours!

With Love,
Pastor Valeria (she/her).
June 12 "Loved and Accepted by God." Celebrating our children and youth, graduates and scholarship recipients. With baptism and the worship band.

June 19 Worship in the parking lot

June 26 With lay preacher Donna Greska

Lay preachers

Once again, we will be featuring lay preachers while Valeria is away on vacation and pursuing
continuing education. Come and hear members of our congregation share their stories!

June 26 Donna Greska

July 10 Barbara Baker

July 17 Lorna Helms
We will be recognizing our graduates on June 12th. Please let us know if someone in your family is graduating so we can include them in this event. Please submit this information to the church office by June 8th.

High School Grads - Please let us know where you are graduating from and what your plans are going forward.

College Grads - Please let us know where you are graduating from, along with the degree you are receiving..
Bryan Sirchio's "I Am Welcome" is our song of the month for June. Listen to it here: https://youtu.be/L24A-vmCntc
We are asking for your help in decorating the altar in creative ways. You may donate flowers, (see separate information below), or bring any item that symbolizes your faith, your hope, your relationship to God. Let's build a faith altar in the sanctuary! You may leave your item on the altar for several weeks, or just one Sunday. Please label them with your name. We invite you to share during Sunday worship what your item means to you, but this is not required. Please contact Pastor Valeria with any questions.
Since taking on the role as Music Director back in April, I have been greeted with nothing but open arms and warm hearts from the Trinity Church Community. Thank you to everyone that has been helping me "learn the ropes" and for the support in trying new things!

I would like to thank everyone who was able to attend the Hymn Sing Service, both in-person & virtually, on Memorial Day Weekend. It was a joy to share musical worship with voice and spirit! We hope to continue this tradition on the next "5th Sunday" in July.

Speaking of Summer months, I am searching for volunteers to share their gifts of talent with the church during the months of June, July, & August. In place of the usual "Special Music" in our Sunday morning service, we will be including time for "Sharing Gifts."

If you have a unique talent or skill that helps you express your faith connection and worship to God, and you would like to share it with our congregation, please reach out to me via email trinitynorthboroughmusic@gmail.com or phone (501) 208-4066 so we can discuss more in detail. Remember: NO GIFT IS TOO SMALL!

Until We Meet Again,

Scott Arnold (He/Him)
Music Director
Trinity Church of Northborough
Dates to Remember

We will be providing Worcester Fellowship Sunday worship service lunches on: July 17th, & August 21st.
We continued our Trinity Tots program focused on getting our littlest community members and their parents and grandparents together for some fun, faith and socializing. This will be a monthly meet up going forward. Spring is here and we are ready to turn the garden and get outside.

A BIG THANK YOU to L&S Supply in Northborough for donating 3 yards of great garden soil to begin our garden and to Linda Corbett for the raised beds. If you were not able to make it to our garden opening day we have the following dates when we will be continuing to plant and we would love to see you! Do you happen to know how to set up a rain barrel system? We’d love to have your help!

Upcoming gardening times and dates: 6/3 5-6pm, 6/7 5-6pm, 6/14 5-6pm Please join us!
We are in need of teachers and assistant teachers. Sherry preps all the material and sends it to teachers to preview before Sunday. If you can help please email her at trinitycenorthboro@gmail.com It is a wonderful way to spend some time with our youth and cultivate intergenerational relationships.
Reminders: Please be sure to go online and fill out all the necessary forms for your child(ren) to participate in our programs. https://www.trinitynorthborough.org/children-youth-forms

Pastor Valeria will be at a conference in Maryland as part of her Spiritual Direction program from June 20 - June 30, and on vacation from July 3 - 18. In case of a pastoral emergency, please contact Rev. Lee Atherton at: (508)-308-7116 or Lee@coachrev.com
The Thrift Shop is Expanding !!!

The Trinity "Count Your Blessings" thrift shop is expanding in September! It will now offer small household items in addition to clothing, shoes, and accessories. Bookshelf type units are needed to display the household items so let us know if you have one to donate.

Because of limited space, the household donations will be opened up to Trinity Church members only at this time. There are 2 drop-off days scheduled for now, Sat, August 6th and Wed. Aug. 17th, from 11am - 2pm, in the thrift shop room.

The list of items that will be accepted/not accepted is below and will be posted on the thrift shop door this summer.  Please do not drop off any household items in the thrift shop bins. In addition, we're looking for more volunteers to help out 1- 2 days per month at the thrift shop, starting in September. Please contact Linda Corbett at 508-688-9392 or Lindacorbett12@gmail.com with any questions. Thank you!

Household Items Accepted (must be in very good condition)
Small housewares
Small exercise/sporting goods
Glassware/dishware - must be microwave safe (sets preferable)
Decorative pillows
Decorative Signs, items
Board games/puzzles

Items Not Accepted
Fine China
Baby items other than clothing & shoes
Would you like to provide altar flowers for Sunday worship? Please click on the link below to choose a date and add a comment if the flowers are in celebration, honor or memory of an event or person. Signup Genie will automatically send you an email reminder six days prior to the day you signed up to bring flowers.

Count Your Blessings Thrift Shop

The thrift shop is open on Saturdays and Wednesdays from 10am - 2pm.

The thrift shop is accepting gently used shoes and clothing donations.

The thrift shop is closing for the summer on June 8th and will be having a $10 per Bag Sale between now and June 8th.
Pastor Valeria at Brilla Coffee Wednesdays at 9:30am - Through June 15, then again starting July 20
Pastor Valeria has resumed her Wednesday morning coffee chat. Brilla Coffee (formerly known as Inhouse Coffee) is located at 17 West Main St in Northborough. This is an opportunity to gather in an informal setting, and to show our presence in the community.
Coffee or Tea on Zoom Wednesdays at 9:00am
Chat on Zoom, Wednesdays at 9am.

Meeting ID: 954 033 518
Password: 569713

Dial by your location
+1 929 436 2866 US (New York)
Meeting ID: 954 033 518

Rita is here to help you. If you need technical assistance please email her at trinitychurchnboro@gmail.com or call her (508) 393-8156 during office hours.
Give to Trinity Church
These are challenging times for many. If you are not financially impacted by the current situation we ask you to prayerfully consider increasing your support to Trinity Church, to make up for those who cannot meet their pledge, so we may continue to do God's work through Trinity Church. Thank you for your faithful, generous giving! 

Please make your checks payable and mail them to Trinity Church: 23 Main St, Northborough, MA 01532
You can also use “bill pay” and have your bank mail a check to us on a regular schedule set up by you, at no cost.
Did you know your shopping can earn Trinity money?
Shop at your convenience all year!   
Trinity Church is set up as a charity on iGive! Please consider downloading the app or shopping through the iGive site and a percentage of your purchase will be sent to Trinity Church! This does not cost you any extra money, the donation comes from the stores you already shop at.

Please consider shopping through iGive to help support Trinity.

You shop. Amazon gives.
  • Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organization of your choice.
  • AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know. Same products, same prices, same service.
  • Support Trinity Church by choosing it as your charitable organization at smile.amazon.com 
Watch Sunday's worship using the link below. You do not need to have a Facebook account to view this video!
Subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch a
selection of Pastor Valeria's sermons and our worship music.
Community Meal Take-Out

We have resurrected Community Meals but in a to-go manner and we need your help.   

We will be ordering $5.00 meals from local food establishments and distributing them to our community meals guests to-go, every Wednesday at 5:30pm. in the parking lot of Trinity Church. Various organizations have committed to monetary donations for these entrees. 

But, you can't have a meal without servers, water and dessert. We are looking for volunteers to sign up to donate a case of water or 2 dozen individually wrapped desserts and/or stand in the parking lot and deliver the meals to guests in their parked cars. All guidelines of social distancing will be observed. 

To donate towards the purchase of meals, please make your checks out to "Helping Hands Association" with "Community Meal" on the memo line, and mail them to Northborough Helping Hands, P.O. Box 383, Northborough, 01532.  
Are you interested in being added to the online church directory?
Please use the instructions HERE to add yourself and your family to the Trinity Church online database.

If you need any assistance connecting to the online directory please contact the church office:
(508) 393-8156 or trinitychurchnboro@gmail.com
~ Everyone who is missing a loved one
~ Everyone who is currently in cancer treatment.
~ Everyone affected physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially by COVID-19.
~ Nursing home residents, their families, and staff.
~ All first responders, health care workers, grocery workers and anyone who is working on the front lines. 

If you know of someone who is hospitalized, ill, suffering from the loss of a loved one, or troubled in some way and in need of a pastoral call, please call Pastor Valeria at the church office, 508-393-8156.
Monthly Email for July & August
Please note there will be no July or August Tidings. We'll send out a monthly email that will be a simplified format. Please have any information you would like included in that email to me no later than Friday June 24th.

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Rev. Valeria Schmidt, Sr. Minister

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