Trinity Tidings June 2018   Volume 32, No. 6
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Upcoming Events at Trinity:

June 3
Communion Sunday
Graduation Reception for Rev. Dr. Marc Mason
Parent Info Meeting for Mission Trip 
June 7
Columbarium Project
June 9
Trinity Tag Sale
June 16
VBS Workday
June 25-28
SonSpark Labs VBS
July 1
Communion Sunday
July 8-14
Youth Mission Trip

Rev. Dr. Marc Mason!

You are invited to a drop-in
Graduation Reception for
Rev. Dr. Marc V. Mason
Please drop by on
Sunday, June 3,
between 10:00-10:45am
in McKinney Hall, as we recognize and celebrate
 the completion of Rev. Dr. Marc Mason’s
Doctor of Ministry degree.
(*Please note, 10:00am small groups will still be meeting!)

Dear Friends,

Your financial support and spiritual encouragement have served as critical sources of inspiration and strength for me over the last four years as I have pursued my Doctor of Ministry degree through Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. I am deeply grateful and appreciative of the opportunity to grow and deepen my theological understanding of the practice of ministry. During this journey, you have invested in me, and in turn I have devoted myself to you.
Reflecting back to January of 2014 and my first residency, I vividly remember how challenging it was to re-enter the strange academic world of voluminous reading (for content – not just enjoyment!), writing papers, and meeting immovable deadlines. It took a bit of adjustment for me to acclimate to those expectations after a 20 plus year lapse since graduating seminary in 1992. However, I loved it! What a privilege it is to study and learn from others in a structured environment. Moreover, there is no substitute for the accountability that accompanies seeking a degree. Continuing education conferences and seminars are wonderful, but when the panic of meeting a paper or presentation deadline is absent, the learning experience is different!
The Doctor of Ministry track I participated in consisted of three separate emphases. Each year involved a two week residency in January, numerous small papers, reading assignments ranging from 2,500- 3,000 pages, and a culminating research project. Year one focused on exploring the biblical and theological sources of congregational transformation. Year two was all about understanding how biblical worship serves as an anchor for personal and congregational transformation. Year three focused on the practice of transformational leadership and its role in congregational transformation. Unlike in a Masters of Divinity program, our doctoral program involved disciplined reflection on the actual practice of congregational ministry.
The final requirement for graduation is a Thesis-project (not exactly a Ph.D. dissertation in that this work must be grounded in the actual practice of parish ministry and must include original field research). The title for mine is: Seeking the Lost Children of Christendom: Making the Biblical Narrative Explicit in Worship. It is 170 plus pages, including appendices and bibliography. I cannot imagine anyone beyond my professors (who were required to read it and either reject it, or approve it) would find most of it interesting. However, chapters four and five include reporting on my field research with our congregation and my conclusions drawn from the various projects. No names are included (to protect the guilty!), but there are included numerous quotes and paraphrases which emerged out of work with congregational questionnaires, focus groups, and Session studies. Many of the 75, or so, members who participated in these efforts wanted to know if they would be included in my final work.       The answer to that question can, mostly, be found in chapter 4!
At this point, I have not yet decided if, or when, there will be bound copies available. However, if you would like to receive a PDF copy, please email the church office at, and we will be glad to send you a copy.
I am grateful for the opportunity you have afforded me to learn and reflect on the practice of congregational ministry, especially regarding the tasks of planning and leading worship. I give thanks to God for your patience and trust during these years of study. May God use our efforts to His glory!
Good-Bye Is Always Tough
Sunday, May 27 th was our Chancel Choir Director Leah Wyman’s final Sunday with Trinity.
Leah made the hard decision that she needed a new direction in her life. She will now pursue a full-time position that will offer her the stability and benefits that she needs at this point in her life. We give thanks to God for the two plus years of music ministry Leah shared with our Trinity church family! We are confident God has amazing things in store for her future!
From the Director of Christian Education & Youth
“So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do,
do all to the glory of God.”
1 Corinthians 10:31  
   I am always a little amused when folks talk about the church schedule winding down for the summer. While the schedule changes, there is still much happening and it will all be done to the glory of God! We hope that you will donate, help at, or come buy from the Trinity Tag sale on June 9 th . All proceeds from that sale will be used to send 13 youth and 3 adults on our mission trip to Orlando, Florida, where we will serve God in whatever way we are asked to serve. Take a look at the Youth News to see what else our youth will be up to this summer!

  Our SonSparks Labs VBS will be a great opportunity for us to reach out into the community and share God’s love with the children and families around us. We still need a few volunteers and we need lots of food donations and prayers to get us through this busy week.

CWE will continue through the summer months. In June, our children will be learning about confidence in Christ and living like they believe what God says is true. Think how our lives and the world would change if we all lived our lives with such confidence . . .

Even though the summer is just beginning, planning for the fall has begun. One great need is for some new volunteers to assist with the CWE program on Sunday mornings. Many of our volunteers have been serving for years and need a break. If you can lead a small group of children on Sunday morning, be present to assist the leader as needed, or gather up needed supplies (on your own schedule)—we need you! If we have just a few new volunteers, you would only be asked to serve once or twice a month. Please prayerfully consider volunteering. Your life will be enriched by getting to know our children better!

In Christ’s service,

April Session Digest
Members Present : Olin Blanton, Sherry Ogletree, Jeff Burton, Bob Lewis, Mary Pace, Thomas Barksdale, Lawrence Garabedian, Dennis Mitchell, Justin Mullis, Chuck Verdin, and Dennis Tavernetti.  
Guests:  Margaret Clark and Terri Luzynski
Opening Prayer: Marc Mason opened the meeting with a devotional: John 21:1-19 and with prayer.
Declaration of Quorum : A quorum was present.

Pastor’s Report and Housekeeping Details :
Marc Mason gave an update on members who are sick, in the hospital, and/or recovering. 
The Lord’s Supper was celebrated on March 29, 2018 (Maundy Thursday) and April 1, 2018.
The Church’s membership roll was discussed and reviewed. Marc Mason presented a proposed form of letter to send to certain members. Olin Blanton made a motion to approve sending the letter in the form presented. Justin Mullis seconded the motion, and the motion passed. 
Marc Mason reported that the 2018 Confirmation Class has six (6) participants. The Session examination of the confirmands is scheduled for Saturday, April 21, 2018, at 8:30 a.m. A reception for the Confirmands is planned on May 6, 2018, after the One Worship service. 
Marc Mason reported that the Carillon has finally been repaired. He said that multiple problems were addressed and that there is now a new power amp and a new clock and that the tower’s wiring has been repaired. 
Marc Mason reminded the Session of the called congregational meeting on May 6, 2018 to elect the 2018 Officer Nominating Committee. Jeff Burton made a motion elect Olin Blanton and Justin Mullis to serve on such Committee. Bob Lewis seconded the motion. The motion passed.
Marc Mason reminded the Session that there will be a meeting on April 24, 2018 of the Foothills Presbytery for the Annual Minutes Review. Chuck Verdin and Fred Mohlenbrock are to attend.
Marc Mason reported that there will be a Foothills Presbytery meeting on May 19, 2018 at Eastminster Presbyterian. The youth group plan to participate in a Presbytery service project (rise against hunger) at 9:00, with the meeting to follow at 11:00. Lawrence Garabedian made a motion to elect Chuck Verdin as a commissioner to attend the Foothills Presbytery meeting. Olin Blanton seconded the motion, and the motion passed.  
Marc Mason reported that Mark Bostian tendered his resignation from the Session. Dennis Tavernetti made a motion to accept such resignation. Justin Mullis seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Monthly Budget Reports : Mary Pace presented the March monthly budget reports. She reported that March was a great month and that for the month there was a $13,704 surplus in the Operating Account and a $24,226 surplus in the Building Fund. For the year to date, there was a $1,565 deficit in the Operating Account and a surplus of $22,058 in the Building Fund. Thomas Barksdale made a motion to approve the monthly budget reports as presented. Sherry Ogletree seconded the motion. The motion passed.
Diaconate Report : Marc Mason gave a report from the Deacons’ recent meeting.
Membership Update : As of April 12, 2018, the Church has 477 members, of which 463 are resident and 14 are non-resident.
Clerk Report : The minutes of the Stated Session Meeting on March 8, 2018 and the Called Session Meeting on March 11, 2018 were presented. Justin Mullis made a motion to approve such minutes. Mary Pace seconded the motion. The motion passed.
Communications : There were no communications. 
Old Business : None.    
New Business : None. 

Standing Committee Reports
Benevolence & Mission : Dennis Tavernetti and Thomas Barksdale gave a report on this committee’s work and the plan to have a committee meeting the last Sunday of April. 
Discipleship : Dennis Mitchell reported that graduates will be recognized on Sunday, May 20 th . He also reported that this committee was continuing to discuss a child protection policy, which may be added to the Church’s Policies and Procedural Manual. He further reported that the recent Chili Cook-off was successful and there are plans for a youth mission trip to Orlando, Florida and a Church thrift sale on June 9 th to raise funds for the mission trip.  
Finance & Stewardship:  Mary Pace reported that the annual external review of the Church’s financial statements and internal controls was underway. 
Long-Range Planning : Bob Lewis reported that the columbarium project was ongoing and that the committee planned to send a letter to the congregation seeking feedback on the project. The committee also planned further meetings in May and June on the matter.
Personnel & Administration : Olin Blanton and Sherry Ogletree reported on the Church’s property insurance. They also reported that Marc Mason will be on study leave from May 10 th through May 15 th for his doctoral graduation. It was also reported that from June 15 th through June 27 th Marc Mason will be attending the PC USA General Assembly meeting as a commissioner and that the travel expenses for same will be funded from the budget (Account 180/pastoral care concerns).
Property & Grounds : Marc Mason and Lawrence Garabedian reported on various property items that have been addressed. 
Spiritual Development & Evangelism : Justin Mullis reported that there was a good turnout for the 2018 Spiritual Retreat on Palm Sunday weekend. He also reported that plans were underway for handing out water and items at the Swamp Rabbit 5K. 
Worship : Jeff Burton gave a report on worship activities during Holy Week. 

Motion to Adjourn with Prayer : Lawrence Garabedian made a motion to adjourn with prayer. Mary Pace seconded the motion. The motion passed. Marc Mason closed the meeting with prayer.
Respectfully Submitted,
Chuck Verdin, Clerk                              Marc Mason, Moderator
Tea for Friends!
Trinity Presbyterian Church is now looking
for individuals to deliver welcome packages
 to our visitors each week!

All whom are interested please contact
Chris Marsh via text message or phone call to (864) 525-0181.
Watch for details to follow!
Thank you for your support!
 We look forward to hearing from you soon!
Small Groups For Everyone!
Sunday Adults:
Fellowship Class: Focus - Rotates study of the books of the Bible with Christian books and studies that enrich our lives. Format- Combination of lecture with interactive discussion, all in a relaxed environment. Leadership changes annually with a rotation of teachers from our class.

Christianity and Contemporary Issues: Focus - Discussions relate the messages contained in Scripture passages to current headlines. Format - lecture and interactive. Facilitators – Mary Pace, Annette Taylor and class members.

Trinity Class: First Sunday School Class created at Trinity and has been active ever since. Focus- Study of the Bible with the help of the Standard Lesson Commentary. Format - lecture and interactive with class discussion strongly encouraged. Teachers - Beauford Williams, Fred Moehlenbrock and class members.
Sunday Youth:
6th-12th Grades—Terri Luzynski

Sunday Children:
CWE 4K-1st Grade—Robin Blakemore, Joanna Newcomer, Leslie Weikle
CWE 2nd-5th Grades—Allen Clark, Eric Smith
(These two classes will be combined for the summer.)

Tuesday Morning Women:
Rachel Bible Study meets weekly at 10:00 a.m. A lesson is presented by one of the participants taking turns each week. Facilitator - Nancy Simonton

Wednesday Night Live Small Groups (All Resume in September) :
CWE 1 st – 5 th Grades : Led by Terri Luzynski

Childcare is available through 5K.

Adult Bible Study : A seminar style format encouraging discussion. Meets in the Thorpe Building.  Led by Rev. Mason. 

Thursday Morning Men:
Men’s Fellowship meets Thursday mornings at 7:30 a.m. for a biscuit and coffee breakfast, a devotional, followed by a program. Programs include guest speakers from the community as well as members of the group. Facilitator - John Burns (Resumes in September)

Monthly Groups:
Miriam Ladies Group meets one Sunday afternoon per month at different members’ homes.

Naomi Ladies Group meets on the 4th Thursday of the month at 3:00 p.m. at members' homes. They also study a selected series which is moderated by one of the class members. Facilitator - Esther King
Trinity Tag Sale
June 9, 2018 8:00am- 2:00pm
The Trinity Tag Sale is almost here! We have received some awesome donations already and we know that more items are on the way. Donations may now be taken directly to the gym. We have pick-up available for larger items or for those who need assistance with boxes.  Receipts will be provided for tax purposes, upon request.

On June 3, 2018, following the 11:00 worship, we will be bringing the donations from downstairs to the gym. All volunteers are welcome! Items will be organized and priced throughout the week and, again, we would love to have anyone willing to help.  

We will also have a bake sale and concession stand at the tag sale. Please bring all baked goods to the gym by Friday, June 8 th .

We will need many helpers on the day of the sale. If you are able to come for even an hour so, please do! Please wear your Trinity t-shirt as it helps the public identify the workers. If you do not have a Trinity shirt, we still have some available.

All proceeds from the Tag Sale will be used to fund the Youth Mission Trip. Your support is greatly appreciated!
Newspapers Needed!
This is a plea for help for the large numbers of kittens and puppies at the Greenville Humane Society. Bedding is needed. Please bring your newspapers (Newsprint only; NO slick pages please!) to McKinney Hall and put them in the box beside the grocery cart. Tom McCorkle will deliver them for us!
Mutt Strutt
Some our Trinity youth and parents helped the Greenville Humane Society at the 2018 Mutt Strut event on Saturday, April 28. The Trinity team assisted with vendor booth setup and unloading the Pepsi truck. For these efforts, the Greenville Humane Society made a donation to our July Week of Hope mission trip to Orlando.

Columbarium Project Meeting
Columbarium Project: The Long-Range Planning Committee has been approached about the possibility of   adding a Columbarium to the church’s facilities. In an effort to consider the congregation’s thoughts and opinions, you are invited to a meeting at 7:00pm on Thursday, June 7th , to further explore this proposal.
For more information, please contact the Long-Range Planning Committee:
Bob Lewis 294-9634; Esther King 246-3483; Jim Showalter 294-8193
SonSpark Labs VBS
June 25-28, 2018
  Vacation Bible School is this month!!! The SonSpark Labs at Trinity will be open from 5:30-8:30 pm on June 25-28, 2018, with dinner being served from 5:30-6:00 pm each night. The children of our church and our community will learn that GP4U=J (God’s Plan for You is Jesus). We still need a few volunteers and we promise that you will be blessed by the experience!   If you can lead or assist with a center, have fun with a small group of children, decorate, or help with meals, please contact Terri at the church number or at asap. Even if you cannot help the week of VBS, you can support us with prayer. Pray that we will have a church full of children and that the Spirit will be hard at work amongst them! You can also invite your friends and neighbors to bring their children to our VBS.

Our next VBS planning & training meeting will be on Wednesday, June 12, 2018, at 6:30 pm in Room 105 of the Thorpe Wing. If you are assisting with VBS, please plan to attend. We will also have a VBS workday on June 16 th from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. There will be jobs for everyone; coloring, cutting, creating props, and delivering flyers in the neighborhood are just some of the jobs that will be available. If you can come for even an hour, your help will be much appreciated.

Now is the time to bring in any science lab items/props that you may have, including the following:
Lab coats, Goggles, Beakers
Chemistry sets, Cylindrical vases, Test tubes
Periodic tables, Plastic tubing, PVC pipes
Rubber insects, Skeletal models, Microscopes
Science fair poster boards, Gears & cogs, Pool noodles
Styrofoam balls, 20” air filters, Colorful duct tape
Lava lamps, Rube Goldburg Projects, Colored card stock
Anything else that looks like it belongs in a laboratory!

Let’s make this a VBS that furthers the Kingdom of God!

Youth News!
   May has flown past! Thanks to all who assisted at the Swamp Rabbit Trail 5K and at the Presbytery-wide Rise Against Hunger Food packing. A whole lot of runners were happy to receive the water and snacks we provided and we helped pack 30,024 nutritious meals to fight hunger!!    

      We will not have YWE meetings every week over the summer, but there’s still a lot happening! Please join us for the following and watch your texts and emails for additional events. I am still working on arrangements for the water park trip and a few other events!
June 3 Following 11:00am Worship
“Transporting the Treasures” from downstairs to the gym for the Tag Sale.
Lunch will be provided.

Info Meeting for Parents/Grandparents of Mission Trip Participants
Room 203 (Christianity and Contemporary Issues classroom)

June 3-8 Anytime! Set up and pricing for the Tag Sale

June 9 7:30-3:00 (Doors are open 8:00-2:00) Trinity Tag Sale
We need every available person for any part of the day you can possibly be here. Please wear your Trinity Youth t-shirt so that the public can identify the workers. Those of you who bake: please bring items for the bake sale! All proceeds will benefit the Mission Trip.

June 16 10:00-5:00 (Any time you have available) VBS Work Day
There will be lots of jobs from coloring and cutting, to delivering flyers in the neighborhood.

June 25-28 5:30-8:30 pm each night SonSparks Lab VBS
Please contact Terri if you are willing to help. The children love having youth leaders!
July 1 11:00 Worship Commissioning for the Mission Trip

July 1 5:00-6:00 pm Middle School YWE
6:00-7:00 pm Dinner, announcements, etc. for all Youth
6:30-7:00 pm Sr. High YWE

July 8 4:45 am (Gulp!)  Meet at Trinity to Depart for Mission Trip!!!
July 14 8:00 pm Return from Mission Trip
July 15 9:00 & 11:00 Mission Trip Wrap-Up (Sharing in Worship)
July 21 8:00-2:00 Kids Table at TR Farmer’s Market & Lunch
July 22 5:00-6:00 pm Middle School YWE
6:00-7:00 pm Dinner, announcements, etc. for all Youth
6:30-7:00 pm Sr. High YWE

Aug. 5 5:00-6:00 pm Middle School YWE
6:00-7:00 pm Dinner, announcements, etc. for all Youth
6:30-7:00 pm Sr. High YWE

Aug. 12 3:00-7:00 pm Pool Party hosted by Paula & Chris Marsh!
Be ready for spiritual growth and fun this summer!
Peace & prayers,
Financial Review
Below is a detailed view of the latest budget approved by the Session. In keeping with transparency of Trinity’s financial position, this view provides more information than the Sunday bulletin version. It will always be two months in arrears due to the fact that the newsletter is always published before the Session meets.

Congratulations to the Class of 2018
Thomas Barksdale
Christ Church Episcopal School
Emily Newcomer
Travelers Rest High School
Jack Zix
Travelers Rest High School
Mary Blair Garabedian
Blue Ridge High School
Will Satterfield,
Travelers Rest High School
McKenna Luzynski
Furman University
2018 Confirmands
Congratulations to our 2018 Confirmands,
who were received and recognized on May 6th.

Jorja Clark
Liam McHaffie
Garrett Stokes
Emily Claire Farmer
Grace Short
Caroline Wingard
Flower Calendar Sign-Up
It’s not too late if you would like to sign up to provide flowers for the church sanctuary on a specific Sunday; flowers can be given in memory or in honor of a loved one, and it will be noted in that day’s bulletin announcements. The Sunday dates still available are:

June 17, June 24
July 22, July 29
August 5, August 12, August 26
September 2, September 16, September 23, September 30
October 7, October 14
November 4, 11
Please call Myriam in the church office, 864-834-9897, for more information or to sign up.
Trinity Girls' Summer Basketball Camp
Want to have some basketball fun this summer 2018,
make some new friends & become a better:
Ball handler
All-around basketball player?
Then join us this 2018 summer for our Trinity Girls’ basketball camp sessions:

WHEN :      Tuesday evenings, June 12, 19, (*June 30), July 17, 24, 31 & August 7 (7 sessions)
                      For GIRLS 9 YEARS OLD AND UNDER; we’ll use the 8 ft. height goals

WHEN :      Thursday evenings, June 14, 21, (*June 30), July 19, 26, August 2, 9 (7 sessions)
for GIRLS 15 YEARS OLD AND UNDER; we’ll use the 10 ft. height goals;
note that our 9-year-old & under GIRLS are welcome to participate in our Thursday evening
basketball camp sessions if desired

*June 30 note: Our Trinity Presbyterian VBS will be on June 25-28 evenings, so for this week, our Trinity Girls      Summer Basketball Camp moves to Saturday, June 30, from 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM (all ages)

WHERE: Our Trinity Presbyterian gym

TUESDAY GROUP TIME : 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM for Girls 9 years old & under (8 ft. goals)
THURSDAY GROUP TIME : 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM for Girls 15 years old & under (10 ft. goals)

COST: Free (but you can bring some snacks or drinks for everyone to share at the end of the
practice session if you’d like)

What we’ll do at each session:   enhance basketball skill-sets with dribbling drills, basketball shooting practice, review and practice proper defense techniques, enjoy some fun basketball game activities, have some 3-on-3   scrimmage practice and during the last 30 minutes, play some 5-on-5 controlled scrimmage games

For more information, contact:
Coach Tom McCorkle, 864-787-2707 – cell or email
North Greenville Crisis Ministry

Thank you for your continued support for this ministry.
Their current needs include:

*Spaghtetti sauce and pasta
*Paper products

Please place donations in the shopping cart in McKinney Hall.
Sermon Audio Files Now Available
To access Sermon Audio on the website:
1) Go to
2) On the menu in the upper right hand corner between the options CALENDAR and CONTACT US you will see an option entitled MEDIA.
3) Roll your mouse over MEDIA and a menu should appear. 
5) It will take you to the iTunes website where you are now on the preview page for the Trinity Podcast. 
6) Click the blue button that reads VIEW IN iTUNES under the green Trinity logo on the left side. 
7) You will receive a prompt to open iTunes. Or if you don’t have it, you will be prompted to download iTunes.
8) For Windows/PC Users: if you already have iTunes on your computer and receive a prompt to download it again, click the gray button to the left of the blue download button indicating that you already have iTunes on your computer and you wish to sign in.  
iTunes will then open to the Trinity Podcast Page.
To receive a copy of each new sermon to your iTunes every week:
When you reach the podcast page in iTunes, click SUBSCRIBE under the green Trinity logo on the left side.
To receive a copy of a particular sermon to your iTunes:
When you reach the podcast page in iTunes, scroll down the list of sermons and click “GET”
on the right hand side of the sermon you’d like to have a copy of.   

1     Lawrence Garabedian
       Mac Chapman
       Jeanette Stribling
6     John Robert Cole
7     Judy Williams
8     Sarah Plyler
9      Colby Kennett
12    Margaret Clark
        Sandy Thrasher
13    Pat Thompson
        Sandra Smith
        Justin Clark
18   Sandra Trammell
        Janice Tharpe
19    Bill Horner
        Lanier Browning
        Luke Burnett
20   Jeff Wingard 
        John Short
       Evan Pochard
23   Edith Fisher
24   Ann Keese
26   Elizabeth Pace
27   Letitia Verdin
       Edwin Furr
28  Candace Kennett
       Ryan Thrasher
       Liz Crosland
       Patrick Waldrep

If you don’t see your name or the name of someone you love on the birthday list,
please call the office so we can update our list!
Email or call Myriam at 864-834-9897.
Newsletter Deadline: The deadline for newsletter information is the 25th of each month. Please send all information to the church office (834-9897). If you are able, please E-mail info to  
Church Office Hours
9:00a.m. to 1:00p.m. Monday through Friday