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Kentucky Local Technical Assistance Program - June 02, 2021



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For many of us, summertime usually means vacation travel. Even though pandemic precautions will undoubtedly affect your travel plans again this year, now is still a good time to review these summer driving safety tips. Prevention and planning may take a little time up front, but will spare you from dealing with the consequences of a breakdown—or worse yet, a highway crash—later.


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Welcome Our New Employee

Katie Losekamp is the newest addition to the team at the Technology Transfer Program, Kentucky Transportation Center. She will be an Assistant Conference Coordinator. Katie is from Bowling Green, KY, and attended Western Kentucky University for her undergrad where she received a B.S. in geology. This spring, she graduated from the Martin School of Public Policy and Administration at UK with an MPA degree. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, running, knitting, and cooking. "I’m looking forward to working at KTC!"

Come Join Us @ 35th Annual KCJEA/KMCA Joint Conference

June 15-17, 2021

Griffin Gate Marriott - Lexington

The KCJEA/KMCA Annual Joint Summer Conference supports and promotes the vision that all county judge/executives must have the opportunity to act together in order to solve common concerns as a unified group and it will be providing legislative representation, general research, training, various publications and conferences to assist county judge/executives in carrying out the duties and responsibilities of their office.

More information available here

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Webinar Wednesday

This month, the KY LTAP is offering two interactive webinars, completely free of cost. Each webinar will be worth one professional development hour, and will be recorded for training purposes.

For more information, visit www.kyt2.com/web and remember to bookmark or download our interactive PDF on the bottom of this newsletter so you can stay up to date on our latest webinars that we have available.

All webinars are held in Eastern Standard Time.

The Consequences of Poor Access Management

June 09

9:00 am - 10:00 am

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FHWA Access Management Program Specialists will present one module of an otherwise multi-module day-long presentation. This sub-module fits the time allotted during the LTAP meeting. It focuses on the consequences of poor access management.

Speaker: Neil Spiller is a Transportation Specialist with FHWA in the Office of Operations, Washington D.C office, since 2003. His program areas are Managed Lanes, Localized Congestion (aka, bottlenecks), Access Management, HOV legislation, and generally corridor congestion and management. Specific to AM, he has been the FHWA’s liaison to the TRB Access Management Committee since 2006. Mr. Spiller was with a private transportation consulting firm in Wash. D.C., before moving on to work as the Traffic Engineer and Planner for the Frederick County, MD, Dept. of Public Works, for 10+ years, prior to coming to FHWA.

Maintenance Welding Training

June 23

9:00 am - 10:00 am


In this webinar, we will discuss maintenance welding such as dual shield & FC welding, and thermal lance cutting. This presentation is deal for auto & diesel mechanics, welders, shop personnel and supervisors who make decisions for repairs and welding activities.

Speaker: Anthony Stampe of ALS Enterprises is a travelling welding trainer specializing in maintenance welding. For the past 18 years he’s provided welding and repair advice to hundreds of clients in the oil & gas industry, construction companies, coal & copper mines and many county & city shops and utilities. Anthony conducts maintenance welding and metallurgy courses throughout the United States and brings years of practical experience to his workshops.


KACERS Meeting - June 10th

The KACERS organization (Kentucky Association of County Engineers and Road Supervisors) is going to have a meeting in Northern Kentucky. Part of the meeting will be a presentation from Justin Anderson. Justin is a Geotechnical Engineer who spent many years working for Geostabilization International. Justin will present materials relating to landslides and other Geotech items; but, will also be providing information of how local entities can use state Master Agreements to access contractors and fixed pricing for all different types of work.

Public Works, Works

When it comes to public works, one size does not fit all, so defining the term becomes problematic. Because of the multi-faceted, ever-evolving nature of public works, we may never arrive at a final definition but, for now, the following definition seems appropriate:

Public works is the combination of physical assets, management practices, policies, and personnel necessary for government to provide and sustain structures and services essential to the welfare and acceptable quality of life for its citizens. -APWA

Many would consider Public Works, the foundation for the whole community, the jack-of-all trades, or even the glue that holds it all together. Although some functions are not common to every community, each of them will have such things as water, utilities, and trash collection; however, not all Public Works agencies control water and utilities. In many instances, they are on call and must be ready to respond to a water main break, plow the roads and streets during a blizzard, repair a sewer line, or cut trees/limbs to provide road access so power can be restored after a thunderstorm. Those who are involved in public works perform work behind the scenes to make sure that residents are able to enjoy the basic necessities and the quality of life that is expected within a municipality.

When developing a good team, employees often want more than a paycheck when they come to work. From personal success to the success of the overall company, the ideas of teamwork and unity are central to many employees. A family-like workplace is built on respect, common goals, and communication. When these things are present, they are built on interactions between individuals. Jennifer Herrell, PE, CFM, Shelbyville Public Works Director said, "You have to find personalities that work in order to create the 'family atmosphere' where everyone picks up the slack and looks out for one another." Employees tend to stay at workplaces that nurture them and that they have formed an attachment with. Their job becomes an important aspect of their life.

"Communication, trust, and seeking involvement from everyone gives that team comradery to not create problems, but opportunities to excel" explains Scott Reynolds, PE, Elizabethtown Public Works.

In each community, whatever its size, there are needs common to all human beings that must be met through the provision of public works services. These needs are met on a daily basis by visionary, values-driven, and hardworking men and women who provide and sustain public works services in the best interests of their communities.

Credit to: APWA, "What is Public Works"

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Equipment Show Flyer

Exhibitor Registration

Competitor Registration

APWA Kentucky Chapter Equipment Show & ROADeo

August 4, 2021

The APWA Kentucky Chapter is sponsoring the 2nd annual APWA Equipment Show & ROADeo, to be held at Bowman Field on August 4th, 2021.

Bowman Field

3345 Roger E. Schupp St.

Louisville, KY 40205

The Equipment Show features some of the region's latest heavy equipment, construction, municipal and highway products & services from top vendors.

Equipment Fair:

8:00 AM to 3:00 PM

The ROADeo includes over 50 Public Works employees as they demonstrate their skill and knowledge in backhoe, mini-excavator, skid steer, and snow plow contests.


10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

For questions and additional information, please check out our website: www.kentuckyapwa.org or contact:

Dirk Gowin

(502) 574-5925


Kentucky Transportation Center

Research Reports

Since 1981, the Kentucky Transportation Center (KTC) has been a leader at the state and national levels in multidisciplinary transportation research. The Center uses applied research to provide a safe, efficient, environmentally sound and fiscally responsible transportation system that delivers economic opportunity and enhances the quality of life in Kentucky. Below, is one of the most recent reports released this year:

Evaluation of Orange Pavement Striping for Use in Work Zones


Interstate widening projects are commonplace in Kentucky, and safety is of primary concern within the project work zone. Past experience with long work zones revealed two critical safety issues: driver confusion due to unclear pavement markings and a lack of continuous work zone signage for motorists indicating they are still within a work zone. This concern is heightened in transition and taper areas. Highly visible markings in an alternative color other than standard yellow or white might better distinguish the proper travel path for motorists and prevent drivers from returning to normal driving behavior and speeds once they get through the initial transition area. To address these safety issues, the research team applied orange edge and lane lines in a work zone and studied the effects on speed, crashes, and driver behavior.

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Kentucky - Transportation by the Number

Bureau of Transportation Statistics – State Transportation by the Numbers you may find useful:

State Transportation Numbers


Have you or one of your co-workers recently built an innovative gadget or developed an improved way to do a job? Well, now is the time to show off your creativity. The Technology Transfer Program (T2) at the Kentucky Transportation Center is participating in the 2021 Build a Better Mousetrap National Competition sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration’s Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP).

The Build a Better Mousetrap National Competition’s purpose is to collect and distribute real world examples of best practices, tips from the field, and assist in the transfer of technology for local and county transportation workers and other LTAP/TTAP clients.

We are looking for projects that you, your employees or crew designed and built. Projects can be anything from the development of tools, equipment modification, and/or processes that increase safety, reduce cost, improve efficiency, and improve the quality of transportation.

Submit entries to us at the Kentucky LTAP Center, where an independent panel of judges will pick a state winner. State winners will be announced at the annual Roads Scholar/Road Master graduation.

The deadline to submit your entry is June 11, 2021.

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We our uploading past Wednesday Webinar's through our YouTube channel. The videos are for information purposes only and does not constitute a training class or certificate. The viewer is solely responsible for the use of the information/equipment shown in the videos and insuring that all proper Federal, State, Local, and company rules regarding safety are followed. Make sure to like and subscribe below to catch all of our updates and new videos.


'Small-town soiree' turns downtown Lawrenceburg into a magical prom set

Story courtesy of LEX18

What is usually a quiet town in Anderson County, Kentucky turned into something much more magical for a special prom night. The streets of downtown Lawrenceburg were set up to look like the set of a Hallmark movie. From the red carpet to the string lights that waved throughout the night, to the street that turned into a dance floor.

After COVID-19 canceled prom 2020, students were devastated. Teachers Heather Adams and Lauren Vassar, who oversaw planning, decided nothing was going to ruin their soiree this year. The entire town chipped in and played a role. From the mayor who worked with police to shut down the street, to the businesses that stayed open, to the community members who helped set up. They said every business they asked for help went above and beyond making cake pops, shirts, and banners.

"It was gorgeous. It was magical. It was all the lights strung up and everyone walking around, everyone just talking to each other," said senior Ragan Welch.

There are some who may say it's only prom, but for these students, it was much more than that.

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We are offering online, instructor-led courses through the Zoom platform and self-guided courses through Canvas. Participants are able to interact with the instructor and other participants. We are offering a wide range of courses from one hour to six hours depending on the topic. Registration is quick and easy, and we have many guides/videos to help get you familiar with our online format.

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