June 2017
Bridge Foundation Work: Here's the Drill
When Phase I of the Interchange Improvements Project is complete, a new, elevated, two-lane ramp will carry traffic from I-64 west to I-264 east, over a new two-lane collector-distributor road to Newtown Road and beyond.

Before all those bridge structures can rise up, the construction team must drill down. Workers are now drilling deep into the ground and installing 165-foot cylindrical steel reinforcement cages into the shafts.

Those steel cages are constructed on-site, as shown in the photo above. The project will require 43 bridge piers, and each pier will be supported by a group of drilled foundation shafts.

After each cage is installed, a portion of the steel will remain above ground (bottom photo). Conc rete is poured into the shaft, and later the cages will be tied into bridge columns.
The drill shaft rig (yellow machine) on the project site.
A 165-foot steel reinforcement cage is installed in a drilled shaft.
After placement, a portion of the steel cage remains above ground. Concrete will be poured into the shafts, and the cages will eventually be tied into the bridge columns that will be installed later.
Progress Report and Look Ahead

Phase I (I-64/I-264 to Newtown Road)

Recently Completed:

  • Box Culvert at the inlet to the tidal channel
  • Drilled shaft foundations Kempsville Road to Newtown Road
  • Virginia Power raised transmission lines over I-64 west


  • Box culvert extension between Curlew Drive and Kempsville Road
  • Foundation improvements for I-64 west near Curlew Drive overpass
  • Culvert construction at the infield between I-264 east and Exit 15A to Newton Road
  • Maintaining erosion and settlement control measures


  • Bridge columns from Kempsville Road to Newtown Road
  • Pile driving to support culvert in infield between I-264 and Exit 15A to Newtown Road and vicinity of Norfolk First Baptist  
  • Foundations and columns from Curlew Drive to Kempsville Road for new bridge construction
      Traffic Impacts
      The following lane closures are scheduled for work in support of Phase I of the I-64/I-264 Interchange Improvements Project:

      Kempsville Road will close to southbound traffic under I-264 from 7 p.m. Friday, July 7, to 5 a.m. Monday, July 10.

      • The lane closures will extend from the signal at Center Drive to approximately Blackstone Street. A detour will direct traffic to turn left on Center Drive and right on Newtown Road, back to Kempsville Road.
      • Additionally, the left lane of northbound Kempsville Road will be closed, reducing traffic to one lane for northbound traffic in that area.
      • Access to entrances to the churches in the immediate vicinity of the lane closures will remain open. The sidewalk to the east of the northbound lanes of traffic will also remain open.
      Additionally, s houlders along I-64 west and a portion of I-264 east are closed for construction.

      Motorists are urged to put down their phones, obey speed limits and drive with caution.

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