Are you exercising to keep your body, mind and spirit healthy?

Check out these videos! Two of our favorite
St. Paul Instructors:
Fred Chavez - Tai-Chi
Stacie Orsagh - Chair Yoga
Congratulations to all the young people confirmed at St. Paul on Thursday, June 18, 2020
Much gratitude goes to
Michelle Weekley
Pastoral Associate in charge of Youth
Rosie Arismendez
Director of Faith Formation
and all the
Catechists who walked alongside those who received the sacrament.
Eucharistic Miracles Exhibit

All 138 posters of the Eucharistic miracles are documented are on display. These are beautifully framed and are currently being placed in "tents" in the House of Mercy at St. Paul Community Center - 1201 Donaldson.   Each tent is dedicated to a different country and contains the posters of the miracles in that country.

Call St. Paul Community Center - 210-733-7152 or email at for information on a special tour or times exhibit is open.

The People of Faith Historical Museum is another gem located at the House of Mercy at St. Paul Community Center. The many stories and historical artifacts collected are a hidden treasure. Check out the museum web link HERE