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A Note From Kelly


June has been just as busy as May! Clients are really getting on board with our Tranches of Income Investment Strategy and we have been busy structuring the investments for each and every client.

If you haven't signed up for golf you're missing out! The first week was a success. Unfortunately, the second week was rained out. I am looking forward to the group this Thursday and hope to see everyone on the fairways soon (a place my ball rarely lands)!

Success on the home front has been achieved! It was our goal to have all of our outdoor to-do's at our house done by Memorial Day weekend so we can enjoy the rest of the summer. After a lot of planting bushes, moving rock and mulching we are done! At least until I come up with the next project.

It's probably a good lesson in life to not be so quick to take on the next project, but to enjoy the fruits of the labor that was put into the last one. Not to mention, the people you work with. I have the pleasure of working with exceptional people every day, both in the office and at home. I'm incredibly grateful to have them in my life.

Have a fantastic June!


CAISSA in the Wall Street Journal
In May, CAISSA was featured in a Wall Street Journal article. I shared how we're able to help our clients plan for the distribution of their digital assets in their estate plan. Read how my team and I have helped other clients, and learn what we will be discussing in your next CAISSA meeting! 

The Financial Landscape
Learn what's changing the financial landscape this month on a local, national and international level, including: 
  • A pharmacy buyout between CVS and Target Corp.
  • Amazon's new warehouse in Shakopee
  • Will the bond market burst? 
CAISSA Market Update

The Market in Action

  • The Commerce Department reports that the U.S. economy shrank at an annualized rate of 0.7 percent in Q1 2015. The decline has been largely attributed to an abnormally cold winter in the Northeast and Midwest.
  • In a decision against Edison International, the Supreme Court rules that employers can be held responsible for unnecessarily high fees in company retirement plans. The ruling could expand the fiduciary obligations of employers, requiring them to monitor the investment funds being offered to their employees.

Inside, find out what dividends Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are paying this quarter, and aggressive wage changes in Los Angeles!


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