Gold Dome Update 
Highlights from the House 
June / July 2018
We often receive questions about how we continue to serve our community outside of the three-month session. Although the General Assembly is considered part-time, our work is far from over after the completion of our 40-day session. Constituent services, district tours, legislative panels and study committee work are a few ways we continue our service year-round. During each session, members of the General Assembly often request out of session Study Committees to research specific areas or state policies in need of improvement, updates or brand-new legislation all together. This year alone, there are 37 total groups between House and Senate Study Committees, as well as, Joint Committees. 

Study Committees

Study committees are vital to the legislative process as it gives us the opportunity to further discuss and hear expert opinion on the subject area that may be affected by a proposed bill. These committees also help us eliminate unintended consequences of legislation passed. Depending on subject matter, committees are formed separately in the House and Senate. At times, joint study committees are put in place and member representatives from each chamber will participate.

Meetings will continue through December, at which point, committee reports are due to state leadership. These reports serve as an overview of meeting minutes and testimony. These reports also lend guidelines for suggested legislation to be introduced during the upcoming session. In fact, many bills presented are a direct result of study committee work.

Since beginning service to our district, our local delegation has had the opportunity to serve on various committees including the Military Affairs Study Committee and the Distracted Driving Committee. Both groups were successful in passing policy in protection of our military/veteran communities, as well as, additional protection for all traveling our Georgia roadways.

One of the most anticipated Study Committees this year is the announcement of our School Security committee, which our own Heath Clark, will be serving. We anxiously await the rest of the 2018 study committee appointments, which are usually announced mid-Summer. Meetings are open to the public, and often take place in various places around the state, depending on subject matter. Meetings are also available online. If you are interested in learning more, I encourage you to visit the General Assembly website for more information. 

Study Committee Appointments

House Ways & Means, Ad Hoc Committee Appointments

This year, we have been selected by Ways & Means Chairman, Rep. Jay Powell, to serve on a Ways & Means Ad Hoc Committee to recommend changes regarding occupation/business licenses/taxes.

The following members have been selected to serve on this committee:
Chairman: Rep. Shaw Blackmon
Members: Rep. Spencer Frye; Rep. Brett Harrell; Rep. Bruce Williamson; Rep. Jay Powell

We look forward to upcoming discussions and committee work regarding how we can continue our efforts in better serving our Georgia business owners.

Georgia Joint Defense Commission Appointments

Recently, Speaker Ralston announced members of the Georgia Joint Defense Commission. Established by Senate Bill 395, the Georgia Joint Defense Commission will advise the Governor and General Assembly on defense and military issues with the goal of supporting the long-term viability and development of the military, both active-duty and civilian, in Georgia.

The following members have been selected to serve on this committee:

Rep. Dave Belton (R-Buckhead); Rep. Shaw Blackmon (R-Bonaire); Rep. Bill Hitchens (R-Rincon); Rep. Al Williams (D-Midway).

We look forward to working in unison to further benefit our military and we are honored to have the opportunity to do so.

Around the District...

Over the last couple of months, we have had the pleasure of participating and attending numerous events. Huge thanks to the organizations that have graciously extended invitations to their outstanding events.

Always a pleasure to participate in Houston County GOP forums! There is no place like home.
Honored to participate as a Judge for the Rick Perkins Instructor of the year award at the annual TCSG conference. Our instructors are the best--once again a privilege to be a small part of this process.  Congrats  and thank you to all the finalists, instructors and students from across our great state!
It was great to attend the Signing Ceremony of the "Memorandum of Understanding" between our state’s VECTR Center, which assists our Veterans transition back into the workforce following their service, and Robins AFB.
Perry Chamber Youth Leadership Graduation; Middle Georgia State's Graduation ceremony; Carson Ratley receiving this year's Houston Co GOP scholarship; Flint River FCA charity event; R ibbon cuttings for Gottwals Books in Perry and Family Promise’ of Greater Houston County in Warner Robins; Central Georgia Tech Graduation services.
Honored to participate in a ceremony recognizing General Levy for his many contributions to Robins AFB!
We were excited to participate in many events around our district in celebration of our nation's 242nd birthday!
Election News

As you know, the  May 22nd primary elections  solidified many of the general ballot party nominees for the general election in November. However, there is still work to be done! Three of the four state constitutional offices will appear on the July 24th republican runoff ballot. These offices include that of Governor, Lt. Governor and Secretary of State.

We encourage each of you to do your homework and choose which candidate you believe will represent your values on Capitol Hill for the betterment of our great state! Below you will find information on each republican candidate vying for your vote during the July 24th runoff election. 


Lt. Governor:

Secretary of State:

These offices are too important to ignore as the results will determine the direction of our state over the next four years. PLEASE GET OUT AND VOTE! 

On a personal note, it is always humbling to see our name on the ballot. Whitney and I are honored to serve the community we love and call home. Thank you for your unwavering support and much needed prayers as we continue our work towards smart, simple and effective government.

Shaw Blackmon
Representative of Georgia's 146th House District

Representative Shaw Blackmon
District 146
Phone: 404-656-0177
Address: 501-E Coverdell Legislative Office Building
Atlanta, Georgia 30334

Rep. Shaw Blackmon represents District 146. He currently serves as a Deputy Whip and as a member of Ways & Means, Economic Development and Tourism, Special Rules, Insurance and
Governmental Affairs Committees. Shaw is also a member of the Military Affairs Working Group.