June 2019 Monthly Update
Discipleship Daily Online Launch
Holy Land Pilgrimage
My dear GEM Family:

In the past two months, God’s Embrace Ministries has embarked on a momentous journey by creating an Online ministry to achieve two objectives. Currently, we are in the process of putting various elements in place in order to launch Online groups for formation in discipleship, through using our manuals and other written and audio reflections. We will launch our Pilot Program on July 1, 2019 in order to see how it works and to iron out any wrinkles that will emerge along the way. The first objective of this new ministry is to support all our small groups that meet in face to face meetings. They will continue to use the manuals for prayer and reflection and be helped in weekly or bi-weekly face to face meetings with their facilitator. GEM will provide them with Online Helps to Prayer through daily emails. This spiritual assistance is intended to support and strengthen the facilitation that the group members are already receiving through their participation in our programs. The second objective is to reach many more seekers out there who are not able to join a GEM small group. I am sure we know many in our families and among our friends who desire formation in prayer and discipleship, and yet are not able or willing to meet at a stipulated time and place. However, they would be very willing to receive our formation in discipleship if we were to offer them our programs, Online. With these two objectives in mind, we decided to launch a Pilot Program with the participants in our three Institutes that train our facilitators to be spiritual companions and directors. 

      This Pilot Program will be launched on July 1, 2019 and will extend over 12-weeks. The Discipleship Daily Program will focus on the manual, ‘Who do you say I am?’ The Program begins with an Orientation week, moving into 10 weeks of prayer and reflection on Jesus’ question about discipleship, and will end with a week-long recap. Every day, the participants will receive a written reflection and audio clip that will provide the context for daily prayer. Additionally, each email will provide Encouragement for the Journey to help the participants develop the lifestyle of a disciple. I will be the facilitator of this Pilot Program with the goal of preparing our Institute participants to facilitate their own groups in September 2019. My hope is that you will be eager to receive continued formation in discipleship through this Online ministry. We will use the same format to take you and others on such a pilgrimage through all our programs, whether you choose to meet in a face to face group or Online. 
Registrations for our GEM pilgrimage to the Holy Land have been coming in, slowly but surely. We are about seven months away from our pilgrimage to Israel. In October 2019, we will focus on preparing ourselves intentionally through prayer and appropriate reflection for this holy experience. I am confident that the Holy Spirit will work powerfully in us when we move into a process of prayer and repentance in preparation for our pilgrimage. We are attaching our flyer about the pilgrimage from January 25 to February 3, 2020 with the username and password to give you all the information you will need for registration. The season of discerning whether the Holy Spirit is prompting you to visit the land of the Holy Family and registering as pilgrims is upon us. If you have made up your mind believing that it is God’s desire for you, please register as soon as possible. We are hopeful that God who has begun a good work in you through this holy endeavor will bring it to an amazing completion for all of us.  

We continue to pray that 2019 will be a blessed year for you, that your commitment to holiness will grow stronger and deeper, and that your desire to witness to Jesus by helping others to know Him in a personal and intimate way will intensify. Please continue to pray for God’s Embrace Ministries, that we serve God’s covenant family wherever we are, generously and joyfully. May you be blessed in God’s Embrace! You are in our daily prayers. 

Sincerely in Jesus Christ,
username: saint
password: francis

Price includes :
  • Round Trip Air Fair to Tel Aviv.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. 
  • Wine included with dinners. 
  • Wi-Fi on motor coach in Holy Land. 
  • Wireless headsets where needed. 
  • Assistance of professional local guide. 
  • Sightseeing and admission fees as per itinerary.
  • Tips to Hotel Staff and Restaurants
  • Mass Daily & Spiritual Activities
  • Flight bag & Portfolio of all travel documents