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A Note From Caissa
It's officially summer and ...

Caissa had a reason to celebrate, so we took in a Twins game!

Merissa just hit a big milestone on her path to achieving her CFP designation - HUGE congrats to her. 
One of the qualifications toward earning th e CFP designation requires passing a pretty grueling exam crisscrossing areas of expertise across estate tax law, personal income tax, ERISA law, social security rules, investment analysis and insurance. You are required to be a CPA, an attorney or pass 5 intensive exams to even sit for the CFP exam (which takes two full days to complete!). 

The CFP is becoming the new bar for advisors helping clients. While it doesn't indicate the quality of the advisor, it does represent that they are educated and knowledgeable in areas where clients need good advice. 

Much like the accounting world, many people would prefer to have their tax return prepared by a licensed CPA who is required to maintain several hours of continuing education annually to keep abreast of the changing tax world. As a CFP, we have very similar requirements in order to maintain our designation and our knowledge. At Caissa, only an advisor with a CFP designation can work with clients on their financial plan. Just one of the many high standards we hold ourselves accountable to. 
Congratulations Merissa for clearing hurdles on your way to the exam! It's no small feat!

Kelly, Julie, Denise and Merissa

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Caissa Investments: Market Update
Caissa Portfolio Management
As of June, we are still taking profits off our large cap equities and redeploying them into international equities. As the market continues to run up, we will continue with this process. 

What Does it Mean to be a CFP?
The sign of good advice
The CFP® certification is recognized as the highest standard in personal financial planning. Anyone can call themselves a "financial planner". Only those who have fulfilled the certification and renewal requirements of the CFP Board can use the CFP® certification trademarks which represent a high level of competency, ethics and professionalism.
What Exactly is an RIA?
How is an RIA different?
Caissa is a Registered Investment Advisor or an RIA.  We often get asked what this means and how it is different than other firms.  We decided to create a short whiteboard video as a fun way to explain this.

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