LGBTQIA+ Teens Need Our Support!

Teenage years are the time for exploration. It's time to figure out what clothes fit us, what hair color and style doesn’t make us look stupid, what friends are true friends, what classes to take - and we are also trying to fit in. This journey of finding yourself is completely personal, as only you know how you truly feel and what you truly want. During this time, teens and young adults around the world also discover their gender and sexual identity. We have drifted from a world where everyone must be cis and straight to becoming more accepting of finding what others' pronouns are. It is totally fine to be cis and straight, as long as you respect that others are not. Of course, the same goes for the other way around. Exploring who you truly are takes time, making it an extremely personal and emotional journey.
When a teen does not use the “assumed” identity, people around them can have a hard time understanding, or sometimes flat out refuse to accept them. This could be like when someone finally get the courage to cut their hair super short, and people around them say, “I miss the long hair, you don’t look like you anymore”. It's hard enough to deal with how you see yourself, and to deal with others accepting or not being accepting might stunt the journey and make you regret and hate yourself.
But on the other hand, parents might become super involved and be black and white about it in the other direction. They become 100% team short hair. While supporting your child is amazing, you have to leave room for them to move around and explore what we feel is right. They might feel like they have to stay the new way because everyone knows them and accepts them with short hair now even if it doesn’t fit them anymore. They won't want to hurt or disappoint their family and friends who are trying to do the right thing and support them. Rigid thinking either way (rejecting or accepting) can both put a limitation on their growth and experience. Complicated right? Welcome to being a teenager!
I’m going into Senior year of High School, and I have many friends around me that have come out as a part of the LGBTQIA+ community. My friend groups have been supportive as we love our friends, but the other kids in our grades are almost always a-holes (to put it bluntly). They make the LGBTQIA+ kids feel not wanted and not able to express themselves. So, being supportive at home and letting them explore and feel themselves at home is super important. Be open to evolution and give them the room to explore all aspects of themselves and basically just love them.
Right now, the government is trying to put limitations on the rights of LGBTQIA+ people . Me and many others affected by this aren't old enough to vote yet. So, I ask you, PLEASE VOTE to protect our rights and the future to keep the world safe to explore ourselves. Thank you :)

Happy Pride Month!
Max Lyons
High School Senior

Medical Director and Psychiatrist
Lakes Center Mental Health Network
How Helping the Environment Can Make You Feel Better
Helping the environment isn’t only beneficial to our earth—it is also very helpful for our mental and physical well-being. When we care for the environment, we are often engaged in the natural world, whether that is getting outside for a beach cleanup or growing your own food.

Through being outside and becoming active in nature, we can begin to experience both mental and physical health benefits.

Mental Health Tip:
Get Outside to Exercise
Want cleaner air and a bit more exercise? Pick at least one outdoor activity like hiking, cycling, swimming etc. and take up some calorie burning household chores like mowing the lawn, painting the fence, gardening etc. even playing games such as tag with your kids is a great way to burn calories.
Mental Health Tip:
Enjoy a Summer Vacation or Staycation!
If you want to stay healthy and well, it may surprise you that a summer break may be just what you need. Take advantage of summer’s slower schedule and take a time off from your regular routine. Use your vacation time to unwind by giving your mind and body time to relax. Vacations have multiple benefits: They can help lower your blood pressure, heart rate, and stress.
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