June 2018

How Do Homeowners Find You?

Recent rainy weather has gotten contractors interested in marketing.  We asked an expert:  How do today's customers find contractors for projects around the home?

A recent survey revealed they look in three places:

45% contact a friend for a referral
29% search the internet
15% post on social media  (asking on Facebook or Nextdoor)

Less than 10% used the Yellow Pages or on-line contractor referral services.

The take-away:  be sure your marketing to current customers to keep your name "top of mind".  This will encourage them to mention you to their friends and neighbors.   Plus, be sure your website properly represents you to new customers.

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How to Drive Interest in Irrigation Upgrades

Now is the perfect time to start marketing irrigation upgrades to your customers.   Systems that are more than 5 years old will benefit from upgrading to new technology in sprinklers, nozzles, sensors and controllers.  
1)  Leverage Smart Irrigation Month.   This industry-wide initiative is designed to help consumers understand the importance of water efficient upgradesDownload FREE Social Media marketing tools from the website. 
2) Increase awareness with proven marketing tools. 
Send postcards or emails to current customers promoting upgrades like rain sensors, upgraded nozzles and smart controllers.  Include tip sheets with your monthly invoices.  Develop a simple "irrigation system audit checklist" to note specific recommended upgrades during service calls.

3) Educate customers on the benefits. Customers will buy upgrades when the benefits are clearly explained to them.   Upgraded systems save time, water and money and provide property owners with greater control and peace-of-mind.   Plus new upgrades get the system into top condition, avoiding the potential for future service hassles.    Be sure to note that new wifi controllers provide the convenience of irrigation system management and monitoring from anywhere in the world. 
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Find statistics, tips and related content for your marketing materials on the Smart Irrigation Month website.

Your customers trust you to keep their irrigation system in perfect operating condition.  But without visiting the site nearly every day, how can you be aware of what's happening with every sprinkler?  Is the system applying the right amount of water? 

Today's new Wi-Fi controllers provide you with a sales growth opportunity:  remote monitoring and management of your customers systems.  

With a simple web interface, you can access the status, faults and changes of your customers' controllers, plus receive real-time alerts of electrical and flow alarms.

Now is the time to prepare a business plan for your service. 

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Get More Done by Delegating Effectively

Your team members can help lighten your load. Why not free yourself up for more important and critical tasks? Enjoy greater productivity for yourself and your team with better delegating. Here are some tips:

Be clear. Imagine how the person needs to understand the task. Think about the steps involved, the other team members involved, the information that will be needed, the supplies/tools needed, and the customers involved. Write out everything that you would like as a way to remind yourself to outline the task.

Be aware. Consider the employee's skill levels, level of motivation and workload. Pick the best person for the task.

Give authority. Learn to empower. Let the employee know you're giving him/her the power to do the task. And then let him/her know the result that you expect.

Check for progress. Before the deadline, check in to see how things are going. Give them time to iron out confusion or make changes. Encourage open communication, so the employee can ask questions or bring up concerns.

Evaluate results. When the task is complete, discuss the outcome. Give feedback on successes and needed improvements. Praise, offer constructive criticism and support .

Tougher, Easier, Longer Lasting
Rain Bird's New ESP-9V Battery Controller
Get reliable automatic irrigation control when you don't have AC power with the ESP-9V Series Battery-Operated Controller.
Installs Anywhere.  Even Underwater
The ESP-9V's waterproof case and dual-sealed battery chamber ensure long life even when installed in a wet, muddy valve box.  In harsh environment testing the ESP-9V outlasted the competition by 70%. After being submerged in water at alternating extreme hot and cold temperatures the ESP-9V was still going strong after the competition failed in less than two days.
Easier to Program
Common programming features are easily accessed on one screen, making programming quick and easy. The LCD screen is 85% larger than the Hunter® Node and the programming icons are big and easy to understand. Manual watering is easy with a dedicated button.
Every contractor knows that it's impossible to complete a job without the appropriate tools. But getting to and from jobsites with all of the pull up and adjustment tools, cutters, saws, probes, shovels, screwdrivers, pressure gauges, etc. can be a hassle.
The I-tool 2.0 is a multi-tool designed specifically with Irrigation Contractors in mind. It reduces the clutter needed on a jobsite by including everything you need in one quality stainless steel tool. You may be familiar with the I-tool...the I-tool 2.0 is the newest model available with improved ergonomics, a more robust base, and two more irrigation specific tools.
There are sixteen total tools included in the I-tool 2.0, six of which are industry specific. These six tools are compatible with all of the major irrigation brands, allowing you to pull up and adjust any rotor or spray head you come across. Additionally, you will find a drip punch for creating holes in poly pipe and a cleanout tool to remove debris and sediment from sprinkler parts.
The ten remaining tools you will find on the I-tool 2.0 are items no contractor should ever be without-screwdrivers, pliers, cutting tools, wire strippers, etc. and comes with a convenient carrying case for easy access. Click here for a complete list of tools!  

Irrigation Design Tip:  Calculating Precipitation Rates  

The precipitation rate of the sprinklers you have selected for your project should be calculated to determine two things: if the rate exceeds the soil's intake rate (which it shouldn't), and if the rate will apply enough water during acceptable operating times to meet the irrigation requirement (which it should).
In this tip, we'll cover the formula used to calculate precipitation rates for sprinklers using the area inside the sprinkler spacing, and the gallons per minute being applied to that area.

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