June 27, 2019

Dear Oaxis Family:

We have to start this letter by telling you how much we love you all! We’ve been traveling so much lately meeting potential investors, show creators, etc. It’s been both uplifting and empowering in so many ways. And while on our various travels we’ve encountered so many of you that are such big supporters of what we’re doing! 

First: it’s such a pleasant surprise when this happens!
Second: it’s such a great feeling knowing that you’re out there cheering us on all over the world!

You’ve made us aware that there are people all over the world who are just as excited as we are to see Oaxis Entertainment get off the ground. 

People that want to see a cultural change in the way entertainment is presented. 

People that want to enjoy programs that bring families together instead of making them more disconnected. 

We’ve put together a short video called a “sizzle reel” for you to see. This reel highlights some of the projects that we’ve been working on since our Kickstarter was fully funded in July of 2018. We are attaching it to this letter and hope you enjoy!

We also want to update you on the building of the platform. We continue to have weekly meetings with the platform developers so that we are tracking the platform’s construction progress. Our first phase of building the platform is called the ‘discovery phase’. 

Basically, this process informs us of what, exactly, we technically need to deliver the high-quality entertainment platform we’ve envisioned. In this process we discovered that, in order for us to have all the bells and whistles we’ll need to be competitive in this space, the Oaxis platform will cost much more than was originally quoted to us. 

With that being said, we will at some point very soon have to stop the build while we raise more funds. Delivering high-quality entertainment takes funding. This is just the reality. And we are on a mission to get every ounce of funding needed to complete this vision and deliver it to you! We will not stop!

It’s all very exciting! The most important part of this entire journey is that you - the Oaxis family - are on it with us. You are just as passionate as we are about creating this streaming service. You’ve made your support well known to us and it is certainly not something we take for granted. We are doing this together. Together we are stronger and more effective. 

Oaxis is all about family and families stick together. 

Please enjoy the sizzle reel and check out the updated Oaxis website at:

Have a great rest of the month and we will talk in July! 

Butch & Julieann Hartman
OAXIS Entertainment