Volunteer Update
June 29, 2020
"If you find it in your heart to care for somebody else, you will have succeeded." - Maya Angelou
CRC Volunteers,

We live in a social media age. The past three months have forced many of us inside our homes with only the computer or phone screen to show us glimpses of the world outside. There is a lot of noise coming at us from all directions and sometimes it is hard to know what or who to listen to.  

Oftentimes lately, my work at CRC has been my one clear view of the ways valuable, compassionate work has continued on. Fred Rogers has a famous quote where he encourages us to “Look for the helpers” when we see scary or difficult news on TV. He was always comforted by the fact that there were so many helpers out there. My job as Volunteer Manager allows me to see helpers every day and I am so grateful for that! Our June newsletter is dedicated to each of you. 

We are highlighting just some of the voices of our teen, Resale and Food Pantry volunteers in this issue.  We hope you are encouraged, as am I, by the caring hearts of our volunteers.


Sara Rosenbaum,
CRC Volunteer Manager
Volunteer of the Month: Carly Hamel
Congratulations to Carly on being nominated as June Volunteer of the Month!  Thank you for your dedication to the Food Pantry and those we serve. And thank you for stepping up even more while some of our more vulnerable volunteers took time off during the last three months. 

What grade are you in and which school do you attend?
I am a senior at Pacific Ridge.

When did you begin volunteering with CRC, and WHY?
I began volunteering with the CRC last year with my mom because she had volunteered there for a while and wanted me to see what it was like. I ended up really loving the environment and the fact that I could give back to the community in a really helpful and impactful way, so I continued volunteering there on my own.

What is something you enjoy about volunteering at CRC?
I think what I enjoy most about volunteering at the CRC is making the large meal bags for the clients. I love thinking of meals that they could make and knowing that I had a significant impact on someone’s life just from doing something that is seemingly small.

What would you tell other high school students who are thinking about volunteering with CRC?
I would say do it! It's such a great experience and is an excellent way to give back to the community in a way that influences a large group of people. You will love interacting with the clients as well as crafting meals for them.
Voices of CRC's "Helpers"
Wyatt Beal
Teen Resale Store Volunteer

What grade are you in and which school do you attend?
I will be a junior at Canyon Crest Academy in the fall.

When did you begin volunteering with CRC, and WHY?
I started volunteering at the CRC in the summer of 2019 because I believe in the mission. The resale stores help fund the mission so I am proud to help the stores be successful. Plus I love thrift stores!

What areas of CRC do you volunteer in? 
I volunteer at the Encinitas Resale Store. I work primarily in the receiving section.

What is something you enjoy about volunteering at CRC?
I enjoy the people I work with at the CRC. This is my first "job" and I appreciate all the training and friendship.

What would you tell other high school students who are thinking about volunteering with CRC?
Volunteering at the CRC is an opportunity to help the community while making friends and learning skills.
Kylie Whitcomb
Teen Food & Nutrition Center Volunteer

What grade are you in and which school do you attend?
I will be in ninth grade at La Costa Canyon High School this fall.

When did you begin volunteering with CRC, and WHY?
I started volunteering at the Community Resource Center in April. My mom encouraged me to start volunteering with her at CRC. At first, I wasn’t overly enthusiastic about volunteering, but as the weeks went by I began to enjoy it. By volunteering, I got a sense of what serving others is like.

What areas of CRC do you volunteer in? 
On most days, I worked on filling bags with staple foods for families. I also got to make produce bags, that included all sorts of vegetables and fruits.

What is something you enjoy about volunteering at CRC?
I love being able to help in a way that is really affecting our community. Making bags and stocking shelves is fun work, but knowing that those things make a difference in people’s lives makes the work very meaningful.

What would you tell other students who are thinking about volunteering with CRC?
For those of you who are considering volunteering at CRC, I would encourage you to go for it, because it is totally worth sacrificing a little bit of your time to serve others.
Cheri Pryatel 
Food & Nutrition Center Volunteer & Committee Member

“We are so glad to be able to return to the Food and Nutrition Center (FNC). We really appreciate all of the thoughtful organization of the FNC to make it as safe as possible for everyone!

It’s hard to capture all of the wonderful feelings I have when volunteering with CRC.  

Knowing that our neighbors are hurting more than ever, working at the FNC gives me a meaningful way to help so many in urgent need.”
Sherry Proctor-Oonk
Food & Nutrition Center Volunteer & Holiday Baskets Captain

“Being able to get out again, and help others in a physical, tangible way has become even more meaningful given what our country, and the world, is currently experiencing. My eyes, my mind and my heart have been opened in a way that surprised me - so being able to help someone less fortunate than me truly feels like a gift, for them and for me!"
Amanda Lugo
Resale Store and 40th Gala Paparazzi Volunteer

"I started volunteering with CRC approximately four years ago. I love the resale store for many reasons. One being the people, both customers and employees. The store environment keeps me socially active and busy. I love the fast pace of moving through the store because there is always something to do....if you choose. Over the years I have had time off for knee replacement surgery and then COVID-19. Each time I really missed my time there. It just feeds my soul in a way that I can't fully describe." :-)
Mary Warters
Resale Store Volunteer

"I’ve volunteered for 4 years. I shopped at the Carlsbad store for years and loved the staff so much (Rosanne and Sonia). I asked if I could volunteer on the weekends (I teach school during the week).

I was so happy when the store reopened! Things are different as far as the new guidelines but I still love working there."
Chemaine Soule
Resale Store Volunteer

"I have been volunteering at the San Marcos Resale Store for a year. It helps me feel active and helpful to a small part of our community….and I enjoy being able to help Mary. It is a joy to be back!!...It helps me physically, mentally and socially.

I like to say “I pay good money to volunteer here” LOL (because I buy something every time I’m there!)"
Edward Cooper
Resale Store Volunteer

"I have volunteered for CRC for just over a year. I volunteer at the Resale Store in essence because I have time, and you have need. Also, I want to make a small contribution to the mission of CRC. I enjoy working alongside the dedicated employees. Finally, I am fortunate enough to take care of the book section, and books have long been a passion for me.

Being back at the store is a relief and a joy. Both books and I have been released from quarantine.

If you were to quote me in the newsletter I’d say "Your next book is waiting on the shelf for you." ("And pick up a boogie board, a table center-piece, and a popcorn machine, while you are here.")
Ways to Get Involved Now
Resale Store Sign Spinners needed!

Have a couple hours to spare to bring in consumer traffic to the San Marcos or Carlsbad Resale Stores? We have Friday and Saturday openings for this opportunity at 10:30 am and 1:30 pm.  Contact Sara Rosenbaum for more information on how to sign up. 
Submit your questions for our Virtual Tour

Next month, Community Resource Center will host a Virtual Tour of our Food & Nutrition Center. If you have questions about how our program works, how we stock our food pantry and more, please submit your question by Tuesday, June 30 to Lauren at Development@crcncc.org . If you are interested in being part of a video to share your volunteer experience in our Food Center, please contact us as well!
You create brighter futures ...

Thank you for the many ways you create brighter futures for those who are hungry, homeless and hurting in our community!

Our community gave so generously in the past three months to respond to the growing need and we are grateful for all the gifts we received. We are continuing our fundraising efforts to ensure we have the resources to help the many individuals and families who continue to need us now, and will need us in the coming months. If you would like to give, you can learn more here . If you have already donated to create a brighter future, thank you!
If you know of anyone in need of food, housing or safe shelter, please pass along this link to the CRC program information on how we can help:
If you have a good story of volunteering, please share with me at srosenbaum@crcncc.org . I can include those stories in future newsletters as an encouragement to our team.  
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