Fiction - New on the Shelf
by Nicola Harrison
(June 4)

Montauk  captures the glamour and extravagance of a summer by the sea with the story of a woman torn between the life she chose and the life she desires. Distancing herself from her unfaithful spouse and her fellow society wives at seaside Montauk Manor, Bea Bordeaux is drawn in by the village's natural beauty and community spirit before falling for a man who is nothing like her husband .

 A lovely book to sink into this summer!
On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous
by Ocean Vuong
(June 4)

Poet Ocean Vuong’s debut novel is a letter from a son to a mother who cannot read. Written when the speaker, Little Dog, is in his late twenties, the letter unearths a family’s history that began before he was born — a history whose epicenter is rooted in Vietnam — and serves as a doorway into parts of his life his mother has never known, all of it leading to an unforgettable revelation. A shattering portrait of a family, first love and the redemptive power of storytelling.

Casting a truly literary spell, this tale of language and origin, beauty, and the power of story, is an enrapturing first novel.
Searching for Sylvie Lee
by Jean Kwok
(June 4)

A poignant and suspenseful drama that untangles the complicated ties binding three women—two sisters and their mother—in one Chinese immigrant family and explores what happens when the eldest daughter disappears and a series of family secrets emerge. From the New York Times bestselling author of Girl in Translation . Excellent from every angle, this is a can’t-miss novel for lovers of poignant and propulsive fiction. Moving, suspenseful, and compelling!
Those People
by Louise Candlish
(June 11)

This well plotted, twisty domestic bit of suspense asks, “Could you hate your neighbor enough to plot to kill him?” 
Lowland Way is the suburban dream. The houses are beautiful, the neighbors get along, and the kids play together on weekends. But when Darren and Jodie move into the house on the corner, they donʼt follow the rules. They blast music at all hours, begin an unsightly renovation, and run a used-car business from their yard. It doesn’t take long for an all-out war to start brewing. Then, early one Saturday, a horrific death shocks the street. As police search for witnesses, accusations start flying—and everyone has something to hide.
The Islanders
by Meg Mitchell Moore
(June 11)

A writer struggling with a second book, the divorced owner of a café, and an unfulfilled stay-at-home mom share a season of unexpected romance and secrets on scenic Block Island.

Readers looking for an emotional tale will find much to enjoy here, with flawed characters and a highly engaging storyline, sounds of the sea and salty air – a perfect beach/summer read!
by Denise Mina
(June 11)

A captivating, utterly unforgettable thriller for fans of  Killing Eve  and  The Woman in the Window! An upper-class Edinburgh homemaker who enjoys listening to the sordid details of true-crime podcasts has her world turned upside down when a new podcast turns out to have connections to her own dark past. Readers will love this rare mix of suspense, thrills, and humor as the novel’s unlikely heroine chain-smokes her way toward a satisfying showdown.
Time After Time
by Lisa Grunwald
(June 11)

A magical love story, inspired by the legend of a woman who vanished from Grand Central Terminal, sweeps readers from the 1920s to World War II and beyond. On a clear December morning in 1937, at the famous gold clock in Grand Central Terminal, Joe Reynolds, a hardworking railroad man from Queens, meets a vibrant young woman who seems mysteriously out of place. Nora Lansing is a Manhattan socialite whose flapper clothing, pearl earrings, and talk of the Roaring Twenties don’t seem to match the bleak mood of Depression-era New York. Captivated by Nora from her first electric touch, Joe despairs when he tries to walk her home and she disappears. Finding her again—and again—will become the focus of his love and his life. Simply enchanting!
The Porpoise
by Mark Haddon
(June 18)

By the bestselling author of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime.  No two books by Haddon are alike, and his latest is no exception. This contemporary story mirrors the ancient legend of Antiochus, whose love for the daughter of his dead wife was discovered by the adventurer Appolinus of Tyre. With shifting story lines, the author plays with myth and meaning, presenting themes which speak deeply to our current moment. Featuring rich, gorgeous language, perfectly imagined conjured worlds, and a plot which moves at a ferocious pace. A stunner!

Big Sky (Jackson Brodie #5)
by Kate Atkinson
(June 25)

After a long wait, Jackson Brodie returns!

Investigating a new client's suspicions about an unfaithful spouse, the iconoclastic detective is catapulted by a chance encounter into a sinister network of secrets and lies. Pick up on Brodie’s latest, then go back to the beginning and discover a whole new fondness for this popular sleuth and his tangled personal life.

The Most Fun We Ever Had
by Claire Lombardo
(June 25)

A multi-generational novel in which the four adult daughters of a Chicago couple--still madly in love after forty years--match wits, harbor grudges, and recklessly ignite old rivalries until a long-buried secret threatens to shatter the lives they've built. In her stellar debut, Lombardo deftly captures the complexity of a large family with characters who light up the page with their competition, secrets, and worries, resulting in a rich and rewarding family saga.
Keep You Close
by Karen Cleveland
(May 28)

The mother of a much-loved son on the brink of college discovers a hidden gun in the teen's room before an FBI domestic-terrorism squad arrives, challenging her to confront disturbing secrets and the limits of her own protectiveness. This fast-paced tale will delight fans of high-stakes poltical thrillers. Cleveland is a former CIA analyst whose debut novel, Need to Know (2018), was a New York Times best-seller, with rights sold to Universal Pictures for Charlize Theron. An adrenaline-fueled narrative that will leave readers breathless.

The Spies of Shilling Lane
by Jennifer Ryan
(June 4)

Finally – the follow up to The Chilbury Ladies' Choir, which we loved! This cozy caper finds the scandalous divorcée Mrs. Braithwaite traveling to World War II London in search of her missing daughter, an effort that is complicated by a difficult secret. 

Characters transform, the plot thickens, resulting in a comfy, entertaining historical spy novel that’ll have you hoping for yet another sequel!

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