Happy Summer!  

Long Island is a great place to be, especially during the summer. 
Take advantage of all that our area offers, our beautiful beaches, outdoor concert venues, al fresco wining and dining. Find out about the hottest happenings on the island and add them to your summer fun bucket list.  Don't forget to include regular visits to our office to keep you feeling and functioning your best!

This month we celebrate the special dads in our lives and our graduates.   Looking for a gift that your loved one can really use -- how about a massage? Our licensed massage therapist Alaina White is offering $10 off all gift certificates for dads and grads.   It's the perfect gift that always fits! Call us or stop in for a gift certificate.

--Dr. Keri Chiappino and Dr. W. Brent Reynolds
June 5 is National Cancer Survivors Day

Recovering from cancer is not just about healing your body, but healing your emotions too. Lingering feelings of sadness as well as anger can prevent you from enjoying the things you once did and being the person you once were.  Armed with the proper tools and support, it's possible to reawaken your old self and get back to living life.  

Dr. Chiappino's survivor support program "Healing Boobies" is designed to help survivors become thrivers and "get their happy back."  L earn more about her private healing course by visiting  www.healingboobies.com .  Listen to her webcast on  "Conversations on Coping With Cancer."  
Naturally Effective Headache and Migraine Relief

Do you suffer from recurring headaches or migraine?  If you frequently take medication to ease your pain, you may actually be worsening your condition.  Studies show that overuse of pain medication can trigger a worsening pattern of headaches or migraines called rebound headaches that become more frequent, more intense and more difficult to treat.  
Chiropractic and acupuncture are excellent modalities for relieving the throbbing and debilitating ache of head pain, especially for headaches that originate in the neck.   Both therapies address the origins of the pain unlike medications that merely mask the true cause. 
Neurofeedback is another effective, non-drug therapy. In fact recent studies have shown neurofeedback to  be "dramatically effective in abolishing or significantly reducing headache frequency in patients with recurrent migraine."    Check out  Dr. Chiappino's video above to learn how retraining dysregulated brain waves can help relieve migraine and headache pain.

When stress is the underlying cause of head pain, y oga  can be an excellent tool for learning how to manage your stress as well as relieve pain.   Massage  and  aromatherapy   are very beneficial as well. 
This month is dedicated to helping migraine and headache sufferers find long-lasting relief. We're offering a QEEG brain map at a reduced price of $75 for headache and migraine. Schedule a "Q" to better understand the source of your pain and how neurofeedback training provides relief -- without potentially addictive drugs.  
Our acupuncturist Lori Fortunato is also offering $25 off initial acupuncture appointments for head pain (private pay clients).  Call our office for more information. 631.265.1223.
Maximize Summer Fun By Taking Care of YOU!

Having a memorable summer is more than a schedule chock-full of outdoor activities. It's staying healthy and fit, too, so you can fully enjoy your plans. 

We've put together 7 tips to help you maximize  summer fun by making your health a top priority! Check them out here: 
Conservative Care Fights Opioid Abuse

Prescriptions for painkilling drugs like oxycodone have climbed 300 percent over the past 10 years.  According to the Center for Disease Control, 45 people die each day from prescription painkiller abuse, making overdose the leading cause of death from injury in the US.
Recognizing the toll opioid abuse is taking on this country, Congress recently passed legislation to limit ac cess to opioids and expand access to drugs that can reverse an overdose.   Jumping on the bandwagon, i nsurance giant Cigna  is now working with physicians to offer more pain alternatives like chiropractic, massage and cognitive behavior therapy. It's goal is to cut opioid use by 25% within three years. 

Chiropractic is a first line of defense treatment that addresses pain at its source, offering an effective, drug-free approach to pain management -- without the risk of overdose or addiction. For those with chronic back pain, chiropractic is a more effective treatment than opioids which were recently found to be generally   ineffective against lower back pain.
Education is key to thwarting opioid abuse. If you have a friend or loved one who is experiencing musculoskeletal pain and has not tried chiropractic, encourage them to call our office for a complimentary consultation. 
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Online Supplements

June Wellness Savings

BrainCore Neurofeedback: $75 QEEG brain map for patients suffering from from migraines or headache.

Massage:   $10 off any massage gift certificate for dads and grads.

NM Vit D
Save 10% on in-stock nutraMetrix Vitamin D. 

Prom otes bone health, blood pressure, immune health and healthy arteries.

Call or stop by the office to get your supply.  


Acupuncture:  $25 off your initial acupuncture session for headache or migraine. (private pay patients). 

Chiropractic care: Complimentary  15 minute consultation by phone or in office for migraine or headache pain. 

Essential Oils: Terra Shield

Ward off annoying insects safely and effectively.  Stock up for the family this  summer!                
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