June 2022
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Keep your Brain Healthy

June is Brain Awareness Month. It's important to keep your brain healthy by regular exercise, plenty of sleep, healthy diet & staying mentally active. Meditation is great for your brain and overall health.

Sun Safety
Everyone needs some sun exposure. However, excessive exposure to sun can cause skin cancer and premature aging of the skin. Practice sun safety: wear a sun hat, use sunglasses, apply SPF 30, drink plenty of water, seek shade and limit exposure between 11am- 2pm.
Eat 5 - Fruits & Veggies a Day

A diet full of fruits and vegetables helps reduce the risk of several health conditions, including cancer and heart disease. Bring easy to go fruits & veggies to work, display fruits in your kitchen, load soups and stews with veggies, top yogurt with berries & try different colors each week.


Tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, swimmer’s shoulder and jumper’s knee—these are alternative names for the same condition: tendinitis. Tendinitis is inflammation of the tendon. Here are five facts to know about this common condition that affects the tissues linking muscle and bone.
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