June 2021
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Our EI Services in the Time of COVID-19
I have enjoyed and cherished our time with Early Intervention (EI). We knew at my 18-week prenatal scan that EI would be part of our lives. I cannot imagine my life without the special village I have gathered throughout this journey. My little lady will be turning 3 shortly and our first EI evaluation was before she was 3 months old.

For over 2 ½ years my calendar has been bombarded with therapy visits, and when those visits turned to zoom calls that change was felt on many levels.

NCSEAM Family Survey = Family Outcomes
Dear Families,
The NCSEAM Family Survey, also known as the EI Family Survey, is distributed in March and October each year. The Survey is used to gather information about the Outcomes families experience as the result of their participation in Early Intervention (EI). Families are asked to fill out one Survey each year. In the past, the Survey has been hand-delivered to families by Service Coordinators. Because EI providers were not in families’ homes in October 2020, no Surveys were given out.
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