June 3rd 
CSJs border experiences (Zoom)
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 June 3rd 
Alexandria House WomenSpeak Event

June 5th 
St. Joseph Worker Program 
California Dreamin’ 2021 event 

June 18th
We The People screening event
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Response to the Pandemic
On March 17, 2020, the world changed completely. The pandemic forced new rules as COVID 19 spread. The elder population and those with preexisting conditions were hit hardest. Our retirement center shut down to take care for our precious sisters living there. Those with offices at the Center began working from home and meeting virtually. Thus began a “new” community life.

During the following months we have used our love for the dear neighbor to find ingenious ways to carry on our Mission. Zoom has replaced in-person meetings. Weekly prayer, memorial services, and varied community meetings, etc. are virtual. Individually, we have found more time for contemplation and addressing community in new ways. Keeping in touch was tops. In time we got vaccinated. This protection enabled us to take small cautious steps to come together in person no longer hugging virtually but cherishing an actual hug.

We have learned about our ability to adapt to the “new.” I thank God and all those who have guided us especially our leadership. May we continue to be flexible and loving CSJs.

-Sister Anne Eugene Metcalf, CSJ
Laudato Si Week 2021
Instead of using plastic wrap or saran wrap for your containers learn about beeswax covers from Sister Angela Faustina. Also go to Free The Ocean and help clean up the ocean while you learn different interesting facts.
Join in recycling plastic bags and plastic materials with Sister Sally in celebration of Laudato Si’ week and every day. Go to this website and see where you can drop off your plastic bags.
Happy Laudato Si’ week as we celebrate 6 years since the Laudato Si’ encyclical came out from Pope Francis, let’s all do our part in large and small ways to care for our Earth.
We encourage you everyday to join Sister Diane Smith in using the mantra: “How does my decision/action impact the Earth community?” We are all interconnected.
Pope Francis introduced a new prayer to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Laudato Si' and called on people of goodwill to recite the prayer until May 24, 2021. As you recite the prayer be mindful of how your faith calls you to listen and to respond to the cries of the Earth and the cries of the poor.
Dress for Less
Artwork by Sister Donna Gibbs, CSJ
Let us take the common t-shirt and see what Laudato Si’ has to say. First, it reminds us that the excessive production and consumption of the “throwaway culture” is not sustainable. It takes 3.5 planet Earths to maintain our first world lifestyle. Every time we wash a $5, synthetic t-shirt, we release microplastics into the water and air. When it decomposes in the landfill, the small plastic particles work their way into the food chain.

Second, Laudato Si’ informs us of our moral responsibility to address climate change. Producing the $35 organic t-shirt not only uses less fossil fuels, but also avoids the toxic chemicals, dyes and bleaches used in the apparel industry. Third, it challenges us to understand that care for vulnerable people and care for Earth are deeply connected issues. The people (sometimes children) in the sweatshops producing cheap clothing are paying the true cost by working in dangerous conditions with unhealthy chemicals for unjust wages.

I have been trying to slowly replace the garments I wear that have been made with petrochemicals such as polyester, acrylic, rayon, nylon, and spandex, with organic fabrics such as bamboo, hemp, linen, organic cotton, silk and wool. These organic fabrics reflect the true cost of the garment so I am not making others pay for my privilege. This is my new habit.

-Sister Donna Gibbs, CSJ
Sister Theresa Harpin - Congressional Woman
of the Year!
Representative Salud Carbajal announced the winners of the fourth annual Congressional Women of the Year Award. Sr. Theresa Harpin is among the six women recognized for this award. This award honors exceptional women across the 24th Congressional District who have left a positive impact on their communities. Winners span a variety of backgrounds and professions and represent the thousands of women working tirelessly to improve quality of life on the Central Coast.

“I am honored to recognize these remarkable, trailblazing women for the outstanding contributions they have made to improve quality of life for residents of the Central Coast,” said Rep. Carbajal. “The honorees this year are all doing incredible work focused on supporting members of our community who are too often overlooked.”

Carbajal will recognize the winners by entering a special written tribute for each woman into the official Congressional Record, preserving their stories and their impact on the community. An award ceremony will be held at a later date and each honoree will also receive a special congressional pin. Congratulations Theresa! Thank you for all you do for our dear neighbor.

At the Border
Several of our Sisters in the Congregation have traveled to the border to be with our dear neighbors. On June 3 we will have ten of our CSJs who have returned from the border talk about their experiences and let us know the reality of the immigration situation.

We the People
Did you know the US Government made Japanese Americans live in concentration camps in the United States during the 40’s? Worried about repeating history? 

Join us for a screening and conversation with filmmaker Catherine Busch and associate producer and financial advisor Les Ouchida of the documentary series– “We The People”, a series about the Japanese concentration camps that were located throughout the United States. How does examining this racial systemic injustice move us toward action today?

June 18, 2021 
1:00 p.m. – Hawai’i 
4:00 p.m. – PDT 
6:00 p.m. – CDT 
7:00 p.m. – EDT 
June 19, 2021 - 8:00 a.m. - Japan 

"Religious Life" A Call
If you know of a woman interested in discerning religious life, June 19 is a panel discussion on, "Responding to the needs of the "Dear Neighbor." Click here for the link to register and send to an interested woman!
WomenSpeak 2021
WomenSpeak is less than one week away!

Thanks to a generous donor, we are able to provide FREE Guest Passes to the event!

We're excited to share with you our new Start-Up Sisterhood LA Initiative at this year's WomenSpeak so click below to claim your pass and join us!
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United Nation Events and Holidays
June 5th 
World Environment Day

June 8th
World Oceans Day

June 12th
World Day Against Child Labor

June 14th
World Blood Donor Day

June 19th

June 19th
Father's Day

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