What's at the Root of Inclusiveness Workshop  
Join the Office of Equity and Human Rights Koffi Dessou, Interim Director, Judith Mowry, Senior Policy Advisor, and CNN to examine how community engagement  impacts equity and inclusion. As well, explore  strategies to create spaces that meaningfully include the voice of diverse participants, perspectives, and communities.  June 14, 6-8 PM at CNN. 

Register your National Night Out Event 
NNO is a prime opportunity to get to know your neighbors and create a connected and safer community. You can host a picnic and BBQs in the park, your block, or apartment court. Every year, more than 20,000 in Portland participate! Registration is open starting June 5th through July 24th. This year NNO is Tuesday, August 7th and runs from August 3rd-12th.  Read more.
New Name for the Office of Neighborhood Involvement (ONI): 
The Office of Community and Civic Life strives to connect Portlanders with their city government to promote the common good. The word Community was chosen to include all Portlanders, and the word Civic to highlight the Office's role in engaging the public in local government. The name change is effective July 1st  and at that time there will be more information shared out. Read More.
New Rules to Improve Apartment Living 
If you live in or near an apartment complex, fourplex or other larger residential building, you probably are in a multi-dwelling zone. Learn about proposals to improve the livability of apartments and topics such as housing diversity, affordability, outdoor spaces, and building and site design. Testimony will be taken by the Planning and Sustainability Commission at June hearing.  Read more. 
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Leadership & Education 
CNN Meetings - All Welcome!
  • CNN Board Meeting 6/6
  • CNN LUTOP Committee Meeting 6/14-Equity Workshop 6PM
  • N/NE Public Safety Action Committee 6/14  Historic Kenton Firehouse
    8105 N Brandon Ave  
  • Solutions to Homelessness Group 6/20
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