Liang Liang Gives Birth to 3rd Cub
Liang Liang, has given birth to her third baby.

The Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) said the cub was born at 8.30pm on Monday (May 31) at the Giant Panda Conservation Centre in Zoo Negara.

“Currently, the gender of this baby panda is not known, as it is still under the care of its mother and cannot be approached. “Zoo Negara officers will continue to monitor Liang Liang and her baby for the next 24 hours, ” it said in a statement on Tuesday (June 1).

Perhilitan said the birth of this cub is the third for Liang Liang and her partner Xing since their arrival to the country in 2014. The first and second cubs, which are Nuan Nuan and Yi Yi, were born on Aug 15,2015, and Jan 14,2018, respectively.

“The birth of this third Giant Panda cub is another success of the Giant Panda Conservation Centre under the Giant Panda International Conservation Cooperation Agreement Programme inked between the governments of Malaysia and China in 2012, ” it said.

The pandas from Chengdu, China, were loaned via the Giant Panda International Conservation Cooperation Agreement Programme and arrived in Malaysia on May 21,2014.The agreement, signed in 2012, gives Malaysia an opportunity to conduct panda-related conservation research, besides developing local expertise on pandas over a 10-year period.
World’s only brown panda raised in captivity to make public debut in NW China
The Qinling Panda Breeding Research Center announced last week that it will be open to the public on May 28, where 10 to 15 pandas, 50 crested ibis, eight snub-nosed monkeys, and 20 takins will make their public debuts, in addition to 20 other species of rare wild animals.

One of them is the world's only brown panda bred in captivity, an extremely rare subspecies found in the Qinling area. So far, only five have been found in the area. 

The panda, named "Qizai", is 11 years old and in good health, media reported, citing zookeeper. 

Unlike the familiar nominate subspecies in Chengdu, Northwest China's Sichuan Province, the Qinling pandas look more like cats with smaller skulls and overall sizes, while the former are more like bears. They also have differently coloured furs. The Qinling pandas have dark and light brown furs, rather than the commonly seen black and white.  

Although they are close relatives, the two subspecies have been separated for 300,000 years, according to media reports. 

Thanks to the constant efforts to improve the ecological environment in the Qinling Mountains, The Paper reported, the population of giant pandas has increased from 274 in the 1990s to 345 in recent years, accounting for 17 percent of the total number of giant pandas in the country, according to data released by the Shaanxi Provincial Forestry Bureau.

The growth rate and population density of giant pandas in Qinling both rank first in China, with an average of 7.8 pandas per 100 square kilometers. In other words, the Qinling Mountains have become the easiest place on Earth to encounter wild pandas.

The Qinling Panda Breeding Research Center was established in Xi'an, Shaanxi in 2018. It occupies a total area of 287.4 hectares and is divided into two parts, including 200 hectares of feed providing base and 87.4 hectares of breeding base.

'Little Miracle' panda cub makes public debut as National Zoo reopens
His name means "Little Miracle."

Xiao Qi Ji, the Smithsonian National Zoo's newest giant panda cub, made his public debut Friday after being born last August to his mother, Mei ­Xiang, who was considered too old, at age 22, to get pregnant.

Up to now, because of the coronavirus pandemic, fans have only been able to catch a glimpse of the cub playing and snoozing on the zoo's panda cam -- but with the zoo reopening Friday for the first time since last November -- they now can watch him perform outside, likely climbing, rolling around and munching on panda-favorite bamboo.

The cub (his Mandarin name is pronounced SHIAU-chi-ji) weighs about 45 pounds, zookeepers say, a long ways from the tiny, squealing "stick of butter," as cubs are called at birth.

Zoo spokesperson Pamela Baker-Masson said she met visitors Friday from North Carolina and others from Pittsburgh who trekked just to see the giant pandas, in addition to their regulars.

"The panda cub is definitely a star attraction, but overall, the sense that I have from our visitors is that they’re just happy to be able to return to the Zoo, enjoy the time outdoors with their families and see all the animals," Baker-Masson said in a statement to ABC News, noting the zoo's reopening appropriately falls on Endangered Species Day.

"We’ve opened with many safety precautions in place, but it certainly feels like we’re returning to our new normal," she said.

The public got to pick Xiao Qi Ji's name back in November and, as part of a cooperative agreement with China to breed the "vulnerable" species in their native land, he will be returned there when he's 4 years old to join his three siblings: Bei Bei, Bao Bao and Tai Shan.

Until then, to the delight of tens of thousands of tourists, he'll be the zoo's star attraction, and the focus of possibly a million impossibly cute photos.
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Heading Here
My name is Jayne and I turned 11 years old in February of this year. Every year since I was 5 I have chosen to raise money to donate to animal charities for my birthday. Usually I have a collection jar at my birthday party and the invitation asks people to donate instead of giving me gifts. This year, because of Covid, I was not able to have a birthday party, but I knew I wanted to raise money for pandas.

I chose pandas because I know they are endangered, and no one wants to lose those sweet little orca bears from the world. 😊 The majority of the stuffed animals that I keep in my bed are pandas. My family loves pandas so much we all have panda stuffies.

Since I couldn’t have a party and send invitations asking for donations this year, I raised the money by reaching out to friends, family and family friends through email and asking them to donate money to Pandas International and The World Wildlife Foundation for my birthday. I also had my mom post about my birthday fundraiser on Facebook. I raised more money than I usually do and was able to give $150 to Pandas International.
I am so happy that Pandas International is working so hard to care for these wonderful animals. I hope more people will get involved and make sure that the pandas get all the help and support that they need.

Thank you Jayne for your dedication and help to save the giant pandas.
Feng Bin Receives 1/2 birthday gift
Xiao Qi Ji Greets His Fans
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