How well do sunglasses and tinted windows protect our eyes and vehicles from unwanted radiation? In this application note, we investigate the effectiveness of eyewear coatings and window tinting to absorb UV radiation and to filter Vis-NIR wavelengths.

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In this application note, we evaluate the UV blocking capacity of sunscreens. Sunscreens typically comprise UV absorbing or reflecting ingredients that protect skin from the harmful effects of prolonged exposure to UVA and UVB radiation.

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Florida's Honeymoon Island State Park is a great place to tackle interesting applications of modular spectroscopy in a natural environment. Watch as we configure systems to measure different characteristics of this barrier island's unique ecosystem.

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Everyone loves a perfect summer peach. But did you know that flavor and juiciness begin at the roots? A new study demonstrates the first nondestructive spectroscopic classification of peach rootstock, which soon may put more perfect peaches within reach at the store.

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The TC-DR-PROBE for diffuse reflectance measurements now includes a convenient standoff block accessory and a Spectralon white standard. The block maintains the proper distance between the probe and samples and the standard enables simple referencing.

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Is your spectrometer sensitive enough to detect a drink spilled in a swimming pool? To put that challenge in context, we kick off a two-part series on limit of detection with suggestions for minimizing sources of noise and improving your system's signal to noise ratio.

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