Whether you blasted through the 30k, dug in on a trail reroute, got your binos out for a bird survey, or are just ready to visit with friends who also love conservation and the outdoors, there's plenty to celebrate and plenty of ways to celebrate with PPLT in our 25th summer.

Photo Credit: Jason Carroll (LeGrande Cannon Trail)

In a mere 25 days, we tallied more than 13,000 miles on Helena's beloved trails as part of the 2021 Don't Fence Me In Virtual Trail Run and Trail Challenge.  

There were walkers, runners, mountain-bikers, and dog-walkers. Casual strollers and serious speedsters. Individuals and teams. Folks who ran "just" the 5k and folks who ran the 5k, 12k, 20k, and 30k, also known as the Quadfecta. Full results can be found here.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Your contribution allows PPLT to maintain and expand trail access and protect the wild places we all love. We'd also like to thank our sponsors who made this event possible as well as these companies who donated daily-drawing, challenge, and race prizes: Made to Move Chiropractic, Intrepid Credit Union, Missouri River Brewing Company, Capital Sports, On, Sierra Richmond at Mt Ascension Physical Therapy, and Ascension Tea.

Don’t Fence Me In 2022 will be in-person!
Join us at the starting line on Saturday, May 7

Wait, wait, wait! We can’t let two Don’t Fence Me In races speed by without a celebration. Join Prickly Pear Land Trust in celebrating another successful run AND our 25th Anniversary at our Summer Block Party.

Ten Mile Creek Brewery, Big Dipper Ice Cream, The Hawthorn, Mountain Berry Bowls, Bad Betty's BBQ, and the Missionary Food Truck will host the event on Helena's walking mall. Live music provided by Helena's favorite Goldy Vox. Admission is free.

Please bring lawn chairs, blankets, etc. to sit on. All ages are welcome and encouraged to join. Bring the whole crew and enjoy the summer with the community!

Join us on Thursday, September 16, at the Kleffner Ranch, for the Crescent Moon Banquet and Auction – a special, re-envisioned Harvest Moon Banquet – to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Prickly Pear Land Trust.
This year's banquet takes place the week of the waxing crescent moon, a moon phase representing positivity and progression towards goals. Here’s to looking forward to the next 25 years of PPLT with hope and positivity!
A Note About Event Changes
Early on, we knew the banquet would look different this year due to the changing event restrictions amidst the pandemic. Out of concern for public safety, we selected the Kleffner Ranch, which allows for increased airflow within the venue. We're thrilled to be in this more natural environment, which also showcases a fabulous view of the Greenway project.
Due to many missed weddings and special events in 2020, dates at the Kleffner Ranch were quite limited. Thursday, September 16, was the closest we could get to a weekend in September. We realize that being on a Thursday will limit some from joining us and will be moving the silent auction online to allow for more participation.
Additionally, as the barn at the Kleffner Ranch accommodates fewer guests than we've previously hosted at the Civic Center, tickets will sell out even faster than usual. Stay tuned for our ticket release in July!
Thank you, Helena, for your tremendous support of this annual event and for rolling with this year's event changes. If you have any questions about event details, please contact Rachel Rountree at rachel@pricklypearlt.org.
I love walking, hiking, and biking through the beautiful country in this part of Montana. I appreciate the work PPLT does in making this possible for many Montanans.
-Eric Stimson, PPLT Member

fall line trail/ fɔl laɪn treɪl / [fawl lahyn treyl] noun
  1. A trail that descends directly down the steepest topography of a landscape;
  2. A trail defined by erosion where water dispersal is difficult; managing such trails requires a significant amount of annual maintenance and has been cited as the bane of trail manager’s existence;
  3. Physics. If a ball is dropped at the top of a smooth hill, this is the direction it would naturally roll.

sustainable trail/ səˈsteɪ nə bəl treɪl / [ suh-stey-nuh-buhl treyl] proper* noun.
  1. A trail that can withstand the impacts of normal use & natural elements, cause negligible soil loss or movement, not adversely affect area’s natural or cultural resources;
  2. A trail that encourages users to stay on trail by providing an enjoyable experience, requires minimal maintenance
  3. A well-designed and built trail that can be discovered in the Helena South Hills trail system: see Pay Dirt and T.R. reroutes;

reroute/ ri-rut / [ree-root] verb-(tr).
  1. To route or direct (traffic, a road, a river, etc) in a different direction;
  2. To change the direction of (a project, funds, etc);
  3. To improve trail sustainability as well as experience of hikers, bikers, and dogs;

*Proper, as in the correct way to build trail

Spring and Summer Reroutes of 2021
  • The Pay Dirt trail above Beattie St Trailhead has been eagerly rerouted to eliminate an unsustainable fall line section of trail. The adjustment is complete and open thanks to a host of National Trails Day volunteers and Montana Conservation Corps crews.
  • PPLT volunteers and Montana Conservation Corps crews replaced another fall line on the popular T.R. Trail as it leaves Rodney Meadow - go check it out!
Available at the 25th Anniversary Block Party!
Shirts, hoodies, hats, socks and more. From babies to adults, we have items for the whole family.

Swing by the block party to pick up your new Happy Trails gear, or limited edition 25th anniversary shirts.

Join us in wishing Ingrid Lovitt a fond farewell! Ingrid has served as PPLT’s Development Manager for the last 2 years and will be moving on to serve the The Montana Association of Naturopathic Physicians as well as support a family business, Sweetgrass Cyclery. We will miss Ingrid, but are excited to see where her new journey takes her. 

Ingrid’s departure leaves big shoes to fill! PPLT is seeking an Associate Development Director to lead our philanthropy program. If you know anyone who loves the outdoors and fundraising, please share the following opportunity with them.   
Prickly Pear Land Trust info@pricklypearlt.org pricklypearlt.org