This Month at River City Domestic Violence Center

Fresh Faces, Fresh Rooms, and Fresh Leaves...

Summer is in full swing here at River City! Spring has sprung anew here at the shelter and we can't wait to show you what has been happening!

Meet Jordanne: Our New Housing Specialist

Hello! My name is Jordanne (pronounced Jordan). I work at River City Domestic Violence Center and I am the Housing Specialist. Prior to working at RCDVC, I worked at the Human Services Center and before that Boystown. I have attended some college in Nebraska and plan to obtain my degree in the near future.

I am originally from Nebraska and moved to Yankton. I have loved learning all the little things that make Yankton beautiful and seeing a wonderful community. I am excited to experience more of Yankton working at RCDVC.

When I am not working I love being outside; I love fishing, hiking, exploring Yankton, being with friends, my husband and dog. I am also in my kitchen baking all the time! The kitchen is also a great dance battle spot to challenge my husband, not that I can actually dance!

Shelter Updates

It has been a long process, but we finally have all new beds in our shelter rooms! Our Coordinators and volunteers worked many days putting these wonderful beds together for the rooms. These beds were specially designed for us to be sturdy and full of storage, with drawers in two locations. We look forward to many years with these wonderful beds for survivors to lay their heads on and feel safe.

Another thoughtful addition to our shelter rooms is a desk. It's a spot for extra storage as well as a quiet place to work on applications, journaling, school work, and more! This is an area that we always dreamed of having in our shelter rooms as we watch kids do school work at the kitchen table, or moms work on applications on the counter. These desks give survivors a space of their own to work quietly.

Survivors Bloom

Volunteer Project Helps Survivors Grow

Several months ago one of our volunteers, Cal Starzl, built this upright plant stand for our survivors. With the help of our Occupational Therapist, Beryl Olson, we have new life in our yard! Beryl uses this project as a tool to help survivors flourish. She worked together with them to plant things like tomatoes, zuchinnis, and other vegetables.

Have you ever wondered how gardening can help in your own life?

  • Promotes movement
  • Builds endurance
  • Social engagement
  • Following a routine
  • Participation in outdoor activity (fresh air, sunlight)
  • Reduces isolation
  • Rewarding, accomplishment
  • Functional (fruits, vegetables, herbs)
  • Impacts cognition (judgement, problem solving, memory, sequencing)
  • Mental health

Save the Date: Walk A Mile in Their Shoes

AUGUST 28,2021

Our 14th Annual Walk a Mile in Their Shoes will be held on August 28th. Here are the details:

What: Annual march against abuse, with all proceeds going right back into your community through RCDVC.

Where: The Lawn at the Meridian Bridge

When: Aug. 28th, check-in at 12, walk at 12:30.

How: Wear red heels (provided by us) or any red you have! Collect pledges in support of your walk for survivors of abuse.

Prizes: Awarded to largest team, team who collected the most pledges, and more!

Family Fun Day is a FREE event thrown by River City Family Connections during our annual Walk a Mile in Their Shoes. This event goes from 11-2pm. There will be some amazing FREE family fun:

  • Sious Falls Zoo Mobile (11:30-1:30)
  • Fish Hatchery w/ live animals
  • Bounce House and Slide
  • Face Painting and Tattoos
  • Carnival Games and Prizes
  • Local Hero Vehicles
  • Belle and Spiderman
  • Food Truck ($5 donation)

Location is at the same spot as the walk, The Lawn at the Meridian Bridge. Join our agencies and make a day of it!

Walk registration is not yet open, but check back soon for the easy online sign up!

Click the link for photos from our walks in the past and the registration link when it goes live!

We are still looking for sponsorship, prize donations, and volunteers. Thank you for all the support, see you there!

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