Aphasia is a language disorder most commonly due to stroke or brain injury that affects an individual's receptive language abilities, including reading or comprehension, and/or expressive language abilities including speaking, writing, or typing. Aphasia and communication skills may improve over time using speech therapy, compensatory strategies, and technology.

The Snyder Center for Aphasia Life Enhancement (SCALE) Aphasia Program improves the quality of life for people living with aphasia and their families by:

  • providing individuals with aphasia a place to connect
  • offering in-person and virtual interactive group activities designed to support and empower members as they re-engage in community
  • providing educational materials, training, and support for family members
  • raising public awareness and understanding of aphasia through community outreach and advocacy projects
Support Individuals with Aphasia

In September of 2019, David's life changed forever after a sudden stroke rendered him speechless and disabled at the age of 47. He was a husband, father of two daughters, and computer science engineer. After a whole year of frustratingly little progress, David's doctor referred him to The League's SCALE Aphasia Program where he has been an active and ambitious member ever since.

David loves the opportunities to express himself in the writing, speaking, and conversational prompts presented by his classes at SCALE. He works especially hard in the weekly “Toastmasters” and “Speak Out” sessions with his fellow SCALE members, where he presents on topics that are important to him, such as his parents, his life after the stroke, and Bruce Lee’s influence on various fighting styles. He also attends Art Group where he creates paintings. Recently, the "Speak Out" aphasia group developed a presentation in line with Maryland's commitment to being a Stroke Smart state. In the educational training, SCALE stroke survivors with aphasia recount their personal experiences and press upon audiences the urgency to Spot a Stroke, Stop a Stroke, and Save a Life. You can learn more about the impressive advocacy of our SCALE members by reading the article in the May edition of Baltimore Magazine.

During Aphasia Awareness Month, The League's SCALE Aphasia Program is providing free stroke education in the community! In response to the Governor's call to action to make Maryland a Stroke Smart State, the SCALE Speak Out Aphasia group created a video to teach audiences to Spot a Stroke, Stop a Stroke and Save a Life.

For members like David, The League's SCALE Aphasia Program has empowered him to advocate for his wants and needs while connecting with others experiencing similar challenges in communication. They support each other in communication groups and leisure-based groups so that everyone succeeds at their own pace and comfort level.

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  • Or a recurring donation, of any amount, will go towards scholarship for members needing financial assistance.


Nicole Urquhart-Bradley, Board Chair • Mindy Geppi, Vice Chair

Ethan Nochumowitz, Treasurer • Barry Gordon, M.D., Ph.D, Secretary 

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David A. Greenberg, President & CEO 

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