We are honored to have been recognized by the Portland Business Journal for the second consecutive year.
This award recognizes our farm and our company for being among the Greenest workplaces in Oregon across all industries. Sustainability and efficiency remain central themes in everything we do. Since placing 9th in 2017, we have continued to upgrade and improve our systems and efficiencies. That hard work paid off with a move up the list to 6th place in 2018.
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Cultivar of the Month
Meet the New Faces of Cannabis: 10 People Now Shaping Legal Weed in Oregon
Operations Manager Laura Day was recently recognized by Willamette Week as one of the top 10 influential people in Oregon's cannabis industry. Below is an excerpt from the full article written by Katie Shepard.

(Image: Henry Cromett)

Age: 37

What does she do?

Operations Manager at Yerba Buena Farms .

Why does she matter?

Day moved from Flagstaff, Ariz., to Oregon three years ago, and is a key player at Yerba Buena, a fast-growing farm in Hillsboro that received one of the state's first recreational licenses. The company is dedicated to supporting women and people of color in the cannabis industry and boasts one of the most diverse staffs in Oregon. Nearly half of its employees are women, and a little more than a quarter are people of color. In addition, they're growing some top-shelf bud. Yerba Buena is one of the only grows that meets the requirements to be both Certified Clean Green and Certified Kind, two stamps of approval for organic cannabis growers who can't use the term because it is governed by federal regulators. "We hand-trim always and hand-select every bud that goes on the shelf," Day says. "We ensure our flower when it's on the shelf is beautiful and smells good and feels good when you use it."

Favorite strain:

"I'm really enjoying the Blue Dragon Desert Frost. It's a high-CBD cultivar. It was a gift from a medical patient who loved this particular strain, and it helped her with her social anxiety. She tracked down one single seed and gifted it to me. It produced beautiful purple buds—just big purple baseball bats. It yields well, tastes like grapes, doesn't make me super-altered but maintains my level of creativity and focus while relieving my stress and anxiety. Running a cannabis company, I don't have time to be psychoactively altered."
Casey Rivero represented Yerba Buena during this year's Cannabis Cultivation Conference in Oakland, California to talk about sustainability in the cannabis industry.
Yerba Buena is a proud sponsor of the 2018 Northwest World Reggae Festival!
We are proud to be a part of this local event and look forward to seeing many of our friends.
The Yerba Barn will be near the stage in the sponsor vendor area with great swag and good vibes.

We'd love to see you. Stop by and say hi!
This month we join our friends at Jenkins Estate Park in Hillsboro to help maintain a beautiful park for our local community.

Helping our community is a pleasure!
3rd Annual Employee Garden
One of the best features of our farm:
The Employee Garden

It is amazing to think that only a month ago our seedlings went in to the ground and we are already reaping the rewards!

Every year employees spend extra time growing vegetables and fruits for everyone to enjoy. Last year was the year of the squash.
This year there is more variety with an emphasis on tomatoes.

Carrots and peas please!

Tomatoes are on the rise.
Yerba Buena's Concentrate Partners
All our partnerships are formed with organizations who exhibit the highest level of commitment to quality, business integrity, and purity.
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