June 2020
June is Elder Empowerment Month
In recognition of Elder Empowerment Month, the Older Adult Behavioral Coalition has developed a bulletin with resources available to elder adults during this time. Click the link below to see it.
Staying Connected Check-in Service
The Ohio Department of Aging is offering a free check-in service to Ohio residents who are age 60 and older. This is a daily check-in by phone to confirm that the participant is OK and gives the opportunity to connect you with aging services in the area if needed. Click the link below to learn how the service works. 
Increasing Health Literacy Among Older Adults:
Why it Matters
Health literacy is a key component to receiving and making appropriate decisions about health care. Low levels of health literacy can make times like these a little more challenging, where advanced health literacy can make decision making a breeze. Learn more from Diane Spore, PhD, MGS, about how to increase health literacy levels on our blog.
Awareness Topic

How to Stay Safe and Healthy With Disabilities
How are you staying connected yet socially distant? If you’re still figuring that out, visit our blog for some tips. 
Mental Health Tip
Reward Yourself
Rewarding yourself for hard work is a mental health tip that is often underutilized. Recognizing your value and worth, reaching the goals you set, and accomplishing difficult tasks are just a few aspects that prove you are doing a great job. Do something nice for yourself because you deserve it, you have earned it.
“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become."

Carl Jung