We Got So Many Treats For You in June!
Why Doggie Daycare Matters Even When You’re Working From Home
Photo Credit: Sherri Procoffie R.
Still working from home? Thought you’d have some more downtime for your pup but don’t? Why not bring your dog to doggie day care!

Five reasons:
  • Missing your friends? Your pup does too! Your dog needs to socialize and romp with friends just like we do!
  • Try out our new custom package - a half day of play with any bathing service!
  • Leash walks are great and playing at the dog park is awesome, but nothing beats all day play at Dogwood Acres with pup pals!
  • Rather than attempt to social distance yourself from humans at the dog park, visit Dogwood Acres! No need for your pet to practice social distancing while splashing in our pool!
  • Add some variety to your dog’s routine. We all don’t want to get too comfortable with the new normal - mix it up at Dogwood Acres with a day of fun-filled play, snuggle time or a spa treatment!

During these unique and fast changing times, Dogwood Acres’ job remains the same - to keep your pup healthy, active, and happy!

Treat your pet to some fun with us while you take care of yourself, or get to work with your pajama bottoms on. No Zoom meeting barkers or guilty feelings while they play all day!
Double Rewards, Double The Fun!
Our Dogwood Acres Loyalty Program now offers double points on every purchase made in June!

Still working from home? Let the dogs out! Your pet can enjoy playing with pup pals on their day off while you manage the new home office!

Finally ready to take a vacation? Your pet deserves one, too! We specialize in giving your pet all the play and pampering they enjoy most.

Ask us anytime and we’ll be happy to check on how many points you have to redeem during your pup’s next visit!
Pupsicle Truck To Treat Your Pups
If the dogs can’t come to us, we come to the dogs!

Our Pupsicle Truck delivered some sweet, dog-friendly frozen treats in Indian Hills/Glen Eden, Manhattan Beach, and Kent Island communities!

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more information on how to find us next time! We can't wait to see you and your pups!
The Pawfect Father’s Day Gift
This Father’s Day, celebrate your proud pet parental status with Dogwood Acres Father’s Day gift special ($21.95). 

During your pet’s lodging or daycare visit (from 6/15 - 6/21) you can sign up to have your pet come home with a set of personalized paw printed coasters for their favorite, non-furry father.

Call today at 410-798-4776 to reserve your kid’s (sorry, furry only) spot!

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