June is National Safety Month
In  recognition of National Safety Awareness Month, Mereen-Johnson is offering special values on safety items for your Mereen-Johnson Rip Saw.
Save 20% on Anti-kickback 
A ssemblies & Components
Anti-Kickback Components  
                      Operator Apron                     Arbor door safety switch
Save 20% 
on Operator 
Safety Aprons
Save 10% 
on Door 
Safety Switches
                                        Safety Labels
Save 10% on Machine Manuals
 Save 10% on 
Safety Label Sets
Knowledge...the key to safety    
Our anti-kickback inspection video shows proper inspection procedures and schedules for maintaining these key safety assemblies

Our Customer Service Department is available to assist you with any questions regarding Safety, Operations, Maintenance, and replacement parts for your  Mereen-Johnson Gang Rip Saw 


Contact us at 1-888-4MJSAWS (465-7297)  or info@mereen-johnson.com   for more info on these limited time offers. 
Pricing valid on orders received by 6/30/2017