June Newsletter: Issue #18
Here's what you'll find in this issue!
  1. All payroll customers can now pay contractors using direct deposit
  2. Pricing changes to come for QuickBooks Online
  3. Some QuickBooks 2015 products sunset as of today
  4. What you should know about making donations
  5. An important reminder on changes to California state sales taxes
  6. A local story on how the 57-year old Ports O' Call Restaurant will likely be closing
  7. The World's 6 Most Unusual Data Centers: how Google and Facebook keep their huge data centers cool
  8. A solution if you are running low on checks
  9. The Past Due Stamp: a new feature in 2018 Desktop products
  10. QuickBooks Enterprise Customer Center: a comprehensive resource for Enterprise users

More News From Intuit -  QuickBooks Online Billing Changes (!)
Some QuickBooks Online users will be receiving a notification from Intuit that their monthly pricing will increase.  

The new prices will take effect on customers' next billing date on or after July 1, 2018.   This is the new monthly price, by Edition:

Our 50% discount on the first year will still apply, 
so let us know if you  are interested in Online.


QuickBooks Desktop 2015 and Other Is Sunset

As of today June 1st some features will be disabled.

On May 31st the following products sunset (meaning some services and support are discontinued):
  • QuickBooks Pro (for Windows & Mac), Premier, and Enterprise 2015 Editions.
  • QuickBooks Point of Sales v11 and v12 Basic, Pro, Multi Store Editions.
With those products being discontinued,
 the following services in them will no longer be available
  • Payroll Services: Including processing assisted, enhanced and basic payroll, workers comp payment services, view my paycheck, etc.
  • Credit Card Processing: Merchant Services (credit cards and checks), Automatic credit card billing, and terminal downloads.
  • Other Services: Accountant Copy Transfer Service, Multi-Currency & Exchange Rate, Bill Pay, Intuit Payment Network, Online Banking.
  • All Technical Support: Including live technical support, Installation support, security updates, upgrades, error message support, product defects, and replacement CD's.
Let us know if you have questions about these changes or are interested in updating your QuickBooks.  


The best way to go about making donations, according to Turbo Tax.  

This is a quick read about tax deductions and how to value items, and might be helpful in deciding what to do with  clothing, furniture, electronics, or stocks & bonds.  

Rule #1: Always get a receipt whenever you make a donation!

Reminder: Important Changes to  California 
State Sales Tax Rules (!)
As a reminder, the California BOE's former website for sales tax obligations is no longer accessible.   CDTFA now handles business sales taxes and use taxes.

View of Ports O' Call Village & the restaurant
A Judge Has Ruled Against Local Ports O' Call Restaurant

The 57 year old Ports O' Call Restaurant in San Pedro will likely be closing after a judge ruled in favor of the Port of Los Angeles.  

The landmark restaurant is being evicted to make way for a new waterfront development set to start in 2019.

Their loyal customers and the owner hope it will stay open till the end of the year, and the owner is also in talks to reopen in the new development, but so far  the outcome is unclear. 

Businesses like Google and Facebook run data centers where thousands of computers are housed and operating 24/7.  

So to avoid all of this equipment from overheating, corporations have come up with some unusual ideas and locations to keep these huge data centers cool.  

Place Your Next Check Order With Checks for Less 

We use Checks for Less to order supplies like custom stamps, self-seal envelopes, business starter kits , and, of course, checks.

If you are running low on paper checks,  Checks for Less might be your answer.   Click here to find out more about them.
Past Due Stamp on Invoices
In 2018 QuickBooks Desktop Products

One of the new features to QuickBooks Desktop 2018 is the ability to place a visible 'Past Due' stamp on your invoices.

past due stamp

You can electronically add a Past Due stamp to your invoices in QuickBooks 2018 Desktop products.  

To add the stamp open an invoice, first click Formatting and then Manage Templates.  Select the template, click OK and then from the section titled Company & Transaction Information, check the box Print Past Due Stamp.  

That's it!  The invoice will print with the Past Due stamp and it will appear if the invoice is emailed as well.

Let us know if you want us to walk you through this feature or have questions.

Intuit has developed a Customer Resource Center with helpful tips and tools, training videos, and expert customer support for QuickBooks Enterprise customers.  

We highly recommend that any Enterprise user check it out.  

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