How to copy run of show prices in Wintix 6

Work smart, not hard. 

Unless you have different price categories for different performances, you don't need to spend time or energy putting in the same price categories one at a time for each performance.

You can simply and quickly copy the run of show prices to all performances of a show by following the instructions in the link below.

However, there is an outstanding amount of flexibility in prices and categories in Wintix 6, so you should become familiar with the new features. You can specify on and off sale days, minimum and maximum number of tickets sold, and specific service charges.

Should "Allow Webtix to move seats" be the default setting?

Right now, the default setting in Wintix allows Webtix to move seats if a patron selects seats that will create a single, unsold seat between seats that are purchased. 

If you wish to NOT have Webtix move seats, you must uncheck the box for each performance. 

Inquiring minds want to know which you prefer:
  • Default is MOVE seats
  • Default is NOT move seats
Can you REALLY protect your identity and data from cyber theft?

We are big fans of the wise words of  Bruce Schneierpublic-interest technologist, who works at the intersection of security, technology, and people. He's been writing about security issues on his blog since 2004.  

A recent blog entry is "Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft." He doesn't sugarcoat the risks and reality of this problem, but does offer a couple of simple ways to help combat it. Read more here.  It's good advice.
What's new and improved in Wintix 6?

(Note: Center Stage Software is no longer developing Wintix 5. 
The last build date is 2/5/19)
  • Publicity codes can be deleted in the first column under File | Publicity codes.

  • The credit card payment now match in the Report by Day and the Report by Day | Pay Types: 

Daily sales report

Report by day | Pay types

Does your Wintix 6 display the date below?update

If not, click on the Download update button. If your build doesn't automatically update, please contact our support at 831-920-1254 or  When you open Wintix 6 first thing in the morning, it should automatically update. 

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