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How are you planning for the future?

Wintix users are a creative bunch! One of our clients, Carriage House Theatre, sold concessions to their community while their doors were still closed. Others, like Curtain Call had streaming performances. Still others, like Gaslight Music Hall below, turned to drive in events. 

Now the world is opening back up. It's exciting, a bit stressful, and the first step to our brave new world.

We would love to know what you've done during this time or how you are planning to reopen with new safety procedures in place.

Email [email protected] and let me know. We could share your story and you might be able to inspire and give encouragement to many other entertainment organizations! 
danceDrive in and dance!

Gaslight Music Hall took advantage of having a large parking lot to have drive-in concerts. Here is a little Q & A we had with Heather Stricker-DeBenedetti, booker and general manager, to learn more. 

Q. What are you hearing from your patrons about their experiences? 

A. Everyone absolutely loves it! Once the sun goes down, it's a beautiful Arizona night and the music fills the air. Our customers are thrilled, and our performers are relieved to have a safe environment to perform. 

Q. How are your performers, staff and crew enjoying this new way of entertainment?

A. It took some getting used to for everyone involved, but watching how the staff has come together and learned a new way of taking care of our guests, our customers trying something new, and our performers adjusting with the new stage and sound has been so rewarding. It's scary trying something so different and new and we couldn't be happier we did.

Q. What are the joys - and challenges - that come with it?

A. Making sure we keep everyone safe is our priority. Not a challenge so much, but a big change to sanitize absolutely everything every hour. Only allowing one single-use restroom and having an attendant that sanitize between each use. The joy, which greatly outweighs the changes, is watching our customers dancing in front of their cars, singing in the bed of our trucks, and feeling safe outside of their homes. 

Q. Anything else you'd like to add?

A. Financially, it has been a huge struggle. We don't make a very big profit doing these outdoor shows, but it keeps our staff working and our audiences engaged. The end goal is to reopen safely, with the trust of our customers. 
 donateUse Wintix/Webtix to collect donations

Lots of organizations are using fundraising to help get them through this difficult time. 

Be sure to take donations directly through Wintix and Webtix. The donations fully integrate into your database so accounting and reporting is a snap. 

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