June 2014
What Webtix users say... testimonial
"I cannot BELIEVE the activity in just one week!!! I bet we have close to $800 or more in sales from the web... And they are big orders like 6-14 tickets!!"
Kari Catton 
Springfield, IL

"When we used Webtix on the first show we had a few sales. On the second show, we had 25% of our sales through Webtix. On the third show, Les Mis, over half our dollar volume has been through Webtix. And,the show just opened last weekend. There is less stress and everyone in the box office is happy. I would call that a major success.

Jim Smith
Sherman, TX 
Please update your Wintix on aupdate regular basis!
It is crucial that you update Wintix on all workstations at least once a month.

Our programming team continually makes improvements and fixes in the program that are vital to your successful use of the program.
  • Make updating a recurring event on your calendar.
  • To update Wintix, go to Help | About Wintix and click the "Download update" button.


Not using Webtix? whyusewebtix
Webtix is a like a clerk who works around the clock for $2 a day and never calls in sick.

If you aren't selling online at all, you may be missing out on added sales because it's so convenient to purchase online.

If you are using other programs to sell online, but using Wintix in-house, you're probably spending valuable hours manually inputting sales into Wintix for accounting purposes.

And remember! We never charge a per ticket fee. If you charge a service fee, that money stays in your pocket, not ours.

Want more info? Talk to Diane Rowe: 831-583-0641 or [email protected]
A new cyber threat cyber  
Since we're in the geek business, we stay on top of important news that could affect you and your business when it comes to computer security threats.

Recently, we learned cybercriminals are targeting employees who browse the Web or check their email from point-of-sale (PoS) computers, using rogue email messages masquerading as job inquiries.


Read the full article here.
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"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses freedomyearning to buy tickets online..."
Webtix isn't a global symbol of liberty, but it does provide freedom for your patrons to buy tickets 24/7. And like Lady Liberty, Webtix is tireless.
  • Webtix users sold at least 21% of ticket sales online in the last six months. (A caveat: we know this number is low because it doesn't account for season tickets or archived shows.)
  • Want to know how much of your sales are through Webtix? Click here. 
Since Independence Day is fast approaching, we thought it would be a good time to talk about how to make Webtix a shining beacon of independence in your box office.
Use Webtix as your go-to money-maker sellonwebtix

Are you taking advantage of ways Webtix can help you make more money for your box office?


Click on the links below to learn more about how to:  


Customize your Webtix page branding
Make Webtix your own by branding your Webtix page! Someone who is conversant in PHP can modify files and create a custom look for you. Just look at the beautiful examples below that match the look and feel of their websites. For more information, contact Diane Rowe: [email protected] or 831-583-0641.

Make it easy for people to buy tickets with an attention-buttongetting button
People have short attention spans online. They might be interested in coming to your event, but if they can't easily figure out how to make a purchase on your website, it's on to the next thing.

Even if you have a link to your Webtix page in your site's navigation bar, make it really simple for your patrons by adding a nice, big, bold "Buy Tickets" button.

As you can see from the example below, The Little Theatre on the Square has a very prominent "Buy Tickets" button surrounded by lots of white space. That makes it very easy for their patrons to just point, click, and buy.