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06| 2023








Should I waterproof my foundation


Waterproofing the outside of your foundation is the best way to shore up your basement. Interior waterproofing can prevent water damage from getting worse, but having the repairs done on the outside fixes the weaknesses where the start.

In general, any foundation wall with earth on one side and usable space on the other should be waterproofed. Waterproofing provide excellent protection against water and humidity to your concrete foundations while keeping your basement intact.

If you need to waterproof the outside, we can help! Feel free to contact us for an estimate.

Call us at 678-851-2142 or email us with questions.


Why cover beds with mulch or pine straw?

Rain waters wash away soil on bare spots, and exposed dirt. Erosion exposes tree roots, alter grading and drainage, and can damage your home foundation.

We strongly recommend having pine straw or mulch installed to help the erosion. 

What are the pros and cons of pine straw vs mulch?

Mulch and pine straw have their pros and cons based on their particular use. Pine-straw can be less expensive to cover a specific area but need to be refreshed more often. Whereas mulch contains more nutrients for the soil but tends to erode and requires more attention to eliminate weeds.

Mulch vary in colors and offers more design options (red, brown, dark brown, natural, orange...). Pine straw has a reddish tone, it is cheaper and easier to install than mulch.

In conclusion: both are excellent options for anyone's landscaping needs. They both help with retain moisture, create a natural barrier and help prevent weeds, also prevent soil runoof, and give your yard a finish look.

We sell pine straw to the public when available. Check our website (link above) for price, delivery, etc.


May was another rainy month. Spring has been challenging but we got several cool projects done.

  • We installed 2 Rain Barrels with a custom stand we made and stained. Turned out perfect.

  • One this project, we did a total backyard redo, with grading, sod, concrete work, and a privacy fence. Hoomeowner love their brand new outdoor living!

  • We did our first Hydroseeding job of the season. The client had some good Bermuda turf it was very thin. Over the last few years they have been working to get the weeds out now that the weeds are gone it has left the lawn thin. So we aerated it and over seeded it with bermuda hydroseed. This is a less expensive option over resoding. We are happy to be able to offer it to our clients as a great option. In a few months we will have a thick Bermuda lawn for our client

  • For our "give back", we were happy to help Camp Creek Elementary school. We planted new Cast Iron plants in their front planters. Their previous plants didn’t survived the freezing vortex winter we had. We donated our time and materials to help with their budget, and make the front of the school pretty and inviting. Can’t wait for all the plants to grow and get bigger.
  • We also paid the cafeteria's outstanding balances for Camp Creek Elementary School in Lilburn, as we believe no child should worry about lunch money

  • We started a big full landscaping and hardscaping redo. Pictures in next month newsletter!

  • What to expect in next month newsletter:.. landscaping work, lots of hardscaping, a pool deck, sod and more sod.... Check our next newsletter for pictures and details.

See our website and Facebook pages for more ideas and pictures of our work.

Feel free to call us at 678-851-2142 to schedule an appointment for your next outdoor living project.

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You are dreaming of a beautiful outdoor space and would like to finance it?

Did you know that we offer homeowner home improvement Financing with ACORN Finance for landscaping projects.

Contact us for details.

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