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A Parrot's Point of View
Parrots are built to fly, forage, and flock together, and in the wild they must be continually on alert for predators. These physical and social attributes still govern how a parrot adapts to their lives in our homes. Do you consider your parrot’s perspective in your daily routines and interactions? Perhaps sometimes you just don’t understand each other because you see things differently? Let’s talk about life from a “Parrot’s Point of View.” ​ This class satisfies our adoption process class requirement.

This class must be attended live. No recording available.

Saturday, June 20, 1:00p.m. - 3:00p.m.
The Intelligence of Parrots with Frank Rutowski, DVM
Whoever coined the phrase 'Bird Brain' was obviously not a parrot owner. To those of us who have parrots in our homes, the intelligence of these parrots is something with which we are very familiar. What makes a parrot so smart? How do we measure the intelligence of birds? How do parrots use their intelligence to survive in a changing environment? How can we provide mental stimulation for the parrots in our care? We will address all these topics and more in a fun yet informative discussion. Join us to learn more about the incredible Bird Brains we call our parrots. 

This class must be attended live. No recording available.

Saturday, July 11, 1:00 - 2:30p.m.
Adoptable bird spotlight:
Those lovable conures!
Interested in adopting a bird? Information about our adoption process may be found at

Charming. Smart. Active. These are just a few of the words used to describe conures. Many are protective of their cages, like a lot of parrots. Some of the quickest learners we have worked with, doing parrot training, have been conures!

Learn about wild conures, to better understand the ones in our homes
Do you have a conure in your life, or might you be thinking about adding one? Check out the World Parrot Trust's Encyclopedia to read about the kind of conure you live with's life in the wild!
Visit After clicking on the conure species you wish to learn about, go to the "Wild Status" tab. There, you may find information about their diet in the wild, the environmental conditions in which they live, and more!
Milo, 5 year old yellow sided green cheek conure, FL
Pip Squeak the sun conure
Pip Squeak, 19 year old sun conure (we think), NC
Paulie, age unknown, blue crowned conure, NC
Cherries! Tasty, good for us, and good for our birds
It's cherry season. We see them at the grocery store, and farmer's markets. Ann Brooks shares what she learned from Dr. Stevenson during our recent Virtual Wellness Retreat conference about the health benefits of cherries for our birds in a new post on the Phoenix Landing blog.

Not only are they tasty, but they can be good for your bird's (and your own) kidneys! Find out why, and learn more in her blog post!

Photo credit:
Congratulations to Rain, Bow, and Merlin!
Rain and Bow (cockatiels) and Merlin (orange winged Amazon) had their adoptions finalized in May! Happy Landings to them, and congratulations to their families!

You may remember Rain and Bow's story. They have been with Phoenix Landing for about three years, and have had amazing foster homes along the way. See their story at Their new home absolutely adores them and we are so happy for all of them!
Phoenix Landing: A look back over the past 20 years
We have the best volunteers. Some give two hours a year, some give their time weekly. Working together, we have helped over 3000 birds. Thank YOU for all that you do!
PARROT (and other bird) NEWS
Phoenix Landing's Helping Parrots Online Store
Like many folks, with COVID19, you may be buying even more stuff online than you used to. Next time you need to order food, perches, or toys for your bird, please think of the Helping Parrots store. When you shop in our volunteer-run Helping Parrots store, you also support the parrots in Phoenix Landing's adoption program. The parrots thank you for it!

May be used indoors or in aviaries outdoors

Have some serious wood chippers in your life? Give them replaceable, destructible perches by placing untreated pine lumber in their cage or aviary to destroy! Birdie bliss!
Cheddar Cheese Nutriberries are being discontinued. Get them while they are still around!
Phoenix Landing Wish List
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  • Chlorhexidine solution for cleaning.
  • Storage space for cages, especially in the D.C. area. (Have a basement, or a garage we could use?)
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Donated items may be sent to Phoenix Landing Foundation, 31 Landing Place, Alexander, NC 28701.

Please drop us a note at if you purchase something for us, including if you'd like a thank you note, as vendors do not always provide information on who generously purchased something for us. Thank you for helping parrots!
A huge thank you goes to everyone who donated items from previous wish lists in the last month to Phoenix Landing! This includes the donations of food, toys, toy parts, cleaning solution, paper towels, and monetary donations! Together, we help more parrots.

Thanks also to everyone who joined us for our 2020 Virtual Wellness Retreat! This includes our incredible speakers, as well as the volunteers who gave their time to assist with chat, Zoom testing, and more.

Thank you to Debbie Russell for running a virtual Pampered Chef fundraiser for Phoenix Landing in May!

Thanks also for everyone's patience during this time. Our adoption applications increased during Stay Home orders, when we weren't moving birds. We are starting to move birds to new homes again, but are still a small, primarily-volunteer team and are trying to get caught up. So, thank you for your patience!