As some of you may not yet be aware:
We Have an Unfortunate Announcement
Our Owners have had to make a difficult decision, and it is with great sadness that we must announce that
America West Frames
will be closing in late June/July.
The economic uncertainty and instability associated with the CoVid virus and the upcoming end to our lease
is the reason for this difficult decision.

We want to sincerely thank all of you
our loyal customers and our dedicated employees
who have produced a legacy of beautiful frames.

I'm sorry that I haven't been able to reach
each of you personally with a phone call to say
~ thank you ~

For 40 years, America West Frames has been a leader in the highest quality art frames available. With great creative collaboration between all the Artists we've worked with through the years
& the Artists in our own production staff,
we've all had the opportunity to create some
truly stunning Art Pieces Together.

I've truly enjoyed creating our
Artist Gallery & Exhibitions Pages
this past year, and I invite you all
to enjoy them once more and
celebrate what we've all created together!

I know personally,
I will miss working with each and every one of you,
and my heart is saddened that I will no longer have the chance to support you and your artwork,
your organizations, and your exhibitions.

I'm sorry we will no longer be able to share our unique art with you. We all hope our fate changes somehow in the next several weeks. As we've seen, a lot can happen in two months, for better or worse. We're going to stay positive and hope for the best.

We will be here accepting final orders
for the frames we have in stock
through June 25th.

We can no longer accept custom frame orders.

Our large stock of ready-mades are available at a discounted rate. A new price matrix on our "Ready-Made" page has been posted as well as
photographs of our unique back stock frames that are also available at a discounted price.
Click below to see everything on our Ready-Made Page:
It has also come to my attention as many of us have spoken in the last several weeks, that many of you have enjoyed our new website the past 2 years and the way I've presented our products, services, and craftsmanship with stunning photography & layouts in our new Online Catalog, which included over 1000 photographs organized into 75 pages of information!

I've truly enjoyed bringing our Art to Life for you and presenting to you what we can offer you, your art, and your business!

I would love to be able to continue working with all of you in any creative way you may need me. Therefore,
I am making myself available to you and your art business
~As a Freelance Fine Art Web Designer~
if you should decide that your current online presence
isn't going to cut it
in the next age of Fine Art...

I know many of us have discussed (and mourned over)
the loss of The Experience of Fine Art
with several exhibitions
being cancelled, postponed, and moving to digital -

I understand Art is meant to be Experienced. .. not just viewed...
that Art Lovers want to Meet You in Person
& understand your Inspiration and your Story,
and that is what helps them to decide to Support You and Your Art and Purchase a Piece.

I would enjoy the opportunity to work with you in the future to try to bring that experience to life in your personal websites more, instead of solely relying on outside Museums & Galleries to present your piece or story attractively, alongside 50 or 100 other pieces.

Interested Buyers will want to "click on" the pieces for sale to be redirected to a more informative and illustrative website where they can get to know the artist and find more selections of works for sale and a gallery of work that you've already sold.

I understand, many of you have this in place already...
but many of you do not.

If you would like my help, please reach out to me and let me know.

If there is anything I can do
to help you and your art be successful,
please don't hesitate to ask.

Please continue your work as Artists, sharing the beauty of the world, bringing light to people's lives, and
fostering a culture richly sewn with creativity and reverence.

We Love You ~ Sincerely,
Amber Nill
General Manager & Head of Marketing & Sales
Jeff Sweet
our Owner
and Our Talented and Hard-Working
Production Staff for the last 20 years:
Tina, Kevin, and Tim


You will be missed!