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June's Newsletter
June was quite an exciting month for us, and we thank all that took part in the seniors month special. We've been busier than ever and couldn't have done that with out all of your trust and support. In this newsletter, we explain how to maintain your decks, ask for your help with those pesky raccoons, and The Trendy Homeowner makes its return. We would also like to wish you  and your family a happy and safe  Canada Day tomorrow.
Tip Of The Month: Deck 
Through May & June, we've done more deck repairing, building, cleaning, striping and staining than all last summer. That is why this month's tip is all about how to make your deck stay strong and last longer. Checkout the link below on how to maintain your deck. 

Help, Raccoons !
Last month, we received a question that many of us struggle with: 
"How do we keep those pesky raccoons out of our green bin?" We have a dog that fills our green bin with quite a bit of raccoon repellent, if you know what we mean, but that's not the solution for everyone and we don't suggest you go out and get a dog by any means. Since the new green bins are rolling out slowly, and some of us might not receive them for quite a while. We started testing a few wives tales. That got us thinking - you (Our Clients) are some of the smartest people we know ! If you have a tip about how to keep raccoons out of your green bin, we'd love to hear it. Shoot us an email with a quick description of how you did it and you could be featured as our next tip of the month. We look forward to reading all of your tips and tricks. 

The Trendy Homeowner: Coloured Ceilings

Tired of the same old coloured walls and white ceiling? Feel like making a bold change in your home? This new design trend is turning things upside down - literally. It is a bold bright colour on the ceiling, and subtle whites or neutrals on the wall. You may have seen it on Masters Of Flip and other renovation shows.