What is original content?

It’s content that’s never been published before online. Some examples of originally published content is a blog post of an article written about your industry (i.e. the benefits of having a mediator is one of many articles I wrote for a mediator business owner). 

According to an article posted on 8-21-19, on the 4 reasons why you should create original content , the benefits of having original content posted to your website are:

1. It improves your search ranking and link building efforts. If you want to improve your search ranking and get high-quality back links, make sure that you only produce high-quality original content for your site when doing guest posting. You can also use your content to earn powerful backlinks by contributing them to reputable online publications. High domain authority sites only accept informative, relevant, and unique posts. In lamens terms, if you want your business website to place higher in search engines so you can be found by potential customers, that’s what I am talking about. 

2. Another benefit of having original content posted to your website is to establish authority and increase credibility . Providing unique, high-quality content about topics in your industry that people rarely talk about gives you a competitive edge. This strategy will help you demonstrate your industry knowledge, helping you increase your credibility along the way. Original content about the products and services that you offer will let people know about the kind of work that you can do for them.

3. A third benefit of having original content is that it’s the best way to increase your website engagement by producing smart, entertaining, and informative content. Remember a well-researched article which provides valuable information to readers is more likely to be shared on different social media platforms than just basic, run-of-the-mill copy. This also makes people want to make comments, ask questions, and otherwise engage with your content .

4. It will help you gain more mentions from media and influencers. If you’re able to establish yourself as an industry expert with your content, people from all walks of life, including celebrities and influencers might notice you and your brand and/or people who can be great referral and business sources. As I’ve said before, it secures your position as an expert in your industry.

Producing high-quality AND original content is not a breeze. Like anything worth having, it requires tons of research, time, and effort. I f you remind yourself the many benefits you’ll receive from all this hard work and money you put out to hire a professional such as myself to write this content, you’ll realize in the long run it’s worth it.