Good Morning,

I have just returned from a wonderful three week vacation in Scotland, Ireland and England. And already I am back at work – even if with jet lag and waking each day at 4 am.

My takeaway from the trip:
Family, friends and nature provide love and support every day, everywhere.

Here are a few events coming up in June and July :

Come see me at the expo tomorrow for ThetaHealing, a reading, a healing, to get your questions answered or change those old limiting beliefs.

I’ll be at table #60 from 9 – 5. For early birds, 9 - 11 am, I’m offering special pricing 30 minutes at $40 or 15 minutes at $25. It is such a fun event with crystals, jewelry and more. Address: Pointe Hilton 7577 N 16th St Phoenix 85020
Coming: July 10-12
Basic Theta Healing seminar
- become a certified practitioner.

You can become a certified ThetaHealer in just three days in Phoenix. Scholarships & payments plans available. Visit  for seminar description and to register or just contact me.


I just want to say I recently spent three days with Lynne eager to learn a new teaching, a new way of life, a new way for me to help others in my own healing practice. I was blown away by my own healing that took place within the class. Lynne is an amazing and passionate teacher and a beautiful soul. I would definitely recommend her for a session or a class.

-       Tami P.
To schedule a reading or a healing session with Lynne

call 602-569-6078 or email
We can work by phone, skype or zoom to build the life of your dreams.

Create the changes you desire in life: Sign up for a package of ThetaHealing sessions.

I am a counselor, intuitive consultant, instructor, and author dedicated to help spiritually-minded people release trauma and heal, to achieve freedom from limiting beliefs, to improve work and life conditions, to embrace inner peace and expand sense of self and possibility. I do all this in classes and in one-on-one sessions with nurturing and gentle guidance.

Warmly, Lynne
Love and Light Always,
Lynne Cockrum-Murphy
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