June 6, 2017
Juneau: place your orders by tonight at midnight!

Hello Members of the Salt & Soil Marketplace,

The order cycle for Juneau will be open until tonight (Tuesday) at midnight. Place your orders by visiting www.saltandsoilmarketplace.com. On Thursday between 4:30 and 6:30p orders can then be picked up at Hooked Seafoods, 2315 Industrial Blvd in Juneau. 

There are still items available for purchase –- two types of kale from Panhandle Produce, a selection of jams, garlic salt, garlic scapes, and kale from Orsi Organic Produce, canned king and coho smoked salmon from Wildfish Cannery,  a variety of seafoods from Schoolhouse Fish, handmade soaps from Homesteaders Cache,  kelp salsa from Barnacle, and you can even drop off your compost or pick up a compost bin from Juneau Composts!  

The offerings will change week to week,  we expect a diversity of products to become more available as the summer progresses. 

Are you interested in becoming a vendor?

We are continually seeking new vendors to sell through the Marketplace. If you have bumper crop of rhubarb,  an occasional harvest of blueberries you’d like to share, or a craft, this may be a great option for you! 

A note to Haines members: we are working diligently on setting up the market for Haines. Please stay tuned for updates.

Thanks for your continued support!

Colin Peacock
Market Coordinator, Salt & Soil Marketplace
The Salt & Soil Marketplace | 907-302-3841