June 18, 2020

Dear Friends,
Tomorrow Prince George's County and many in the nation will celebrate Juneteenth.  Juneteenth celebrates the moment on June 19, 1865 when,
2 ½ years after the Emancipation Proclamation, federal troops arrived in Galveston, Texas, to ensure that all enslaved people were free. This date marks the effective end to slavery in the United States 155 years ago.
On Tuesday, I was proud to join with my colleagues to pass Council Resolution 52-2020The Juneteenth National Freedom Day Observance to express our support for the celebration of  the celebration of Juneteenth National Freedom Day.

Prince George's County has a tradition of celebrating this day with picnics and family celebrations.  This year this date, I believe, carries even more meaning. It is a reminder that while slavery may have ended the process of creating a nation of "liberty and justice for all" is far from complete.
Below are great places to find Juneteenth events and to discover more about Prince George's County, our African-American history, and the history of slavery in the County. 

Department of Parks and Recreation Virtual Juneteenth:

Prince George's County Memorial Library System's Virtual Junteenth events and more:

Prince George's County African American Museum and Cultural Center:
Experience Prince George's Guide to African American Heritage Sites: 

Prince George's County African American History:
A short introduction to the history of Prince George's County: 
Oral Histories:
African-American Historic and Cultural Resources in Prince George's County: 


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Together Strengthening Our Community,

P.S. Completing the 2020 Census is an important way to bring additional resources to Prince George's County. Please complete your 2020 Census today and encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same. Call 844-330-2020, no code needed. Your community is counting on you to complete the Census 2020! #pgcensus #proudtobecounted #onlytogether

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