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Meet the Jung Society of Utah Members
Arch Wright:

I'm a private-pay, Park City-based licensed Psychotherapist (ACMHC, CSAT-A) and Interventionist (Western U.S.) with expertise in all things "addiction", or as I've come to believe as being "intimacy disordered." I connect well with recovering and practicing addicts, their partners and families in focusing on the underlying causes and conditions for chemical (alcohol, illicit and prescribed drugs) and behavioral (sex, work, spending, gaming, food) addiction, codependency, and mood disorders.

I believe that toxic shame, carried generationally through family systems and fueled by unhealthy societal acculturation in many forms, is the source of most of our woes and that some two thirds of us suffer needlessly in one or more socially and culturally unaccepted and accepted ways; through substances, money, sex and/or power we try to escape, blocking true intimacy, that we've likely never had, with ourselves and others.

As a middle-aged father of two adult children, former U.S. Ski Teamer, retired finance executive, and longtime recovering person (since 1984), I've been through many of life's biggies: raising kids, marriage, divorce, financial ups and downs, loss in multiple forms, and much more. I've "had it all" on the outside...while being hurt, afraid and hollow inside!

When it came time in 2015 to choose a year-long clinical internship, rather than pursuing any number of convenient, time-saving and more cost-effective options in Utah, I called on previously established connections as a financial consultant in the treatment industry and Interventionist at world renowned The Meadows in Arizona. The Meadows is arguably the nation's premier treatment center for trauma, addiction, codependency, and mood and intimacy disorders. I had been studying the works of several of their Senior Fellows for over thirty years in my own recovery and so the opportunity to train there was beyond anything I could have imagined. What ensued was transformational and continues today to, quite frankly, magically inform my work as a therapist.

I can be reached at archtherapist@gmail.com or 435-776-6862 for a free initial consultation, professional collaboration or whatever inspires you! Also, for a host of reasons that I'm happy to discuss in greater detail, and with all due respect and gratitude, I'm likely to be a decent choice as a therapist's therapist too. So, give me a shout if you're curious about that! Website launching in early 2018: www.archibaldwright.com

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