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Meet the Jung Society of Utah Members
Ruth Tyson uses ENFP, 4w3 as post-nominal initials. They are more informative than any scholastic title could ever be. Her favorite quote from The Red Book (at least today) is, "My soul, where are you? ...Should I tell you everything I have seen, experienced, and drunk in? ... One thing I have learned is that one must live this life." Her undergraduate degree is in Psychology and she would have loved to hang a shingle. Instead she made little kids and a home and "nearly died from busy loneliness." She uses Jungian tools like dream interpretation, mandalas, meditation, and ritual to add meaning and depth to her life. Her favorite lifelong endeavor is creating art journals full of stream of consciousness writing and capturing the emotions and thoughts behind daily life. One process she uses is to create using mixed media in an almost hypnotic way and then sit with the page and let the words write themselves. Another is to journal using dream or meditation notes and create material to illustrate. A third is to capture events (several from fellow Jung Society members) with art and journaling.  

One journal incorporates the images on the page of a children's book on Vincent Van Gogh she bought at a thrift store. This page included information about a painting of the Monastery or Saint-Paul Asylum in France where Van Gogh convalesced.  Ruth's journaling on this page includes, "Running to and running Sit inside, alone, sinking down amid these cattails, phragmites, my shawl covering. Just sit here and notice the sound of life breathing, the scent of my dust... Monasteries have wonderful cells so no one can see the falling apart. Or will it be rising or being still. ... Getting old is monastery: simpler life, discarding stuff, thicker skin and walls... Monastery me."

Visit for more artwork and journaling by Ruth.

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