We are thankful for you!

At this time of gratitude and celebration, we'd like to thank our members and volunteers for their continued support. It was wonderful to see so many new faces and familiar friends at last month's soulful weekend with Andrew Harvey. We're thankful for the opportunity to share joy, knowledge, and creative community with you.

In our continuing effort to help our members get to know each other better, we will be spotlighting a member in this newsletter every month. We would love to feature you and your business. 

Read below about Jung Society of Utah blog and newsletter manager Amanda Butler, and learn how you can be featured in upcoming months.

The Jung Society of Utah team
Meet the Jung Society of Utah Members
Amanda Butler is a published author of numerous articles and a short story. She has a Master's degree in English from Utah State University. Her  freelance business, Alembic Publications , specializes in writing and editing related to the topics of psychology, spirituality, and creativity.

Amanda first became interested in the work of Carl Jung in 2014, when several friends recommended books to her that were based in his theories. Intrigued by these ideas, she decided to read Jung's work directly, and found that his writing helped her to understand and make peace with her own experiences.

Amanda manages the blog and the newsletter for the Jung Society of Utah. She loves the opportunity for self-expression provided by writing for the blog, and always learns a great deal with each blog post that she writes. She hopes that others find the blog posts helpful in some way as well. She also enjoys volunteering at Jung Society events, so be sure to come say hello if you see her at the next lecture!

Through her involvement with the   Jung Society, Amanda has discovered how much she loves depth psychology, as well as a strong desire to work with that interest in a way that helps others. She is currently enrolled at Pacifica Graduate Institute in the Counseling Psychology program, and is grateful to the Jung Society for pointing her toward that path.

When she is not studying or writing, Amanda also loves to travel, paint and draw, or do anything else creative.

Amanda deeply appreciates the Jung Society of Utah and the wonderful people she has met through her membership. In gratitude, she is offering 20% off any writing and editing services to Jung Society members through December 31st.   

Wanted: Members for Spotlight! We want to get to know you and to give you an opportunity to promote your businesses. 
If you are interested in being in our monthly newsletters please send the following: 
  • a paragraph or two about yourself and your business (about 100 words each)
  • a photo image (jpeg, tiff, png) 
  • a discount offer if you have one 
Email: Amanda Butler - amanda.butler@aggiemail.usu.edu

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