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Read below about Jung Society Think Tank manager  Justin Harnish  and find out how you can be featured in the upcoming months. 

Plan ahead to attend our next Jung Society of Utah event on March 9, 2017. O ur soulful local speaker Theresa Holleran will speak on The Shadow Dance of the Masculine and Feminine  

The Jung Society of Utah team
Meet the Jung Society of Utah Members
Justin Harnish is an author and Life and Success Strategist who specializes in helping people and small businesses develop "Mission Mantras" and tie their most visionary ideals back to essential tasks with his "Practice Makes Purpose" teaching. In his forthcoming book, "Meaning in the Multiverse," Justin investigates humanity's metaphysical meaning by linking the practice of obtaining our optimal experience with the hypothesized "ultimate algorithm" that directs everything and every-information in the universe. In other words, we read and write to the programming of the universe when we seek flow.

Justin's commitment to thought, spirituality, and our shared story is exemplified in his founding of the Jung Society Think Tank. The Jung Society Think Tank is a "book club without a book," a place where those we might (tongue-in-cheek) call "amateur thinkers" join together to discuss one of the group's extracurricular research. In the twelve-month history of the JSTT, its members have covered topics ranging from the Neuroscience of Memory to the Sacred Life Of Bees: The Return of the Divine Feminine. The JSTT is guaranteed to spark the curiosity and raise the rhetorical level! 

If you are interested in joining a session of the monthly Jung Society Think Tank (in December Jung Society Founder Machiel Klerk will be discussing dream incubation) or in a Life and Success Strategy Session, please contact Justin at

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March 9, 2017 Theresa Holleran: The Shadow Dance of the Masculine and Feminine.

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