Well that went fast! The 10 remaining spaces for junior memberships sold out within an hour and a half. Welcome to our brand new junior members!

We understand that this was an unexpected announcement for some families who were planning to purchase a membership for their child. As a matter of fact, the massive demand was unexpected for us too! We certainly do NOT like turning customers away, and we are sorry to those families who may be disappointed.

Over the past few days, the announcements about school and summer camp cancellations appear to have driven many people to golf as the only active, outdoor option left. We are so happy to have so many new and returning juniors, but unfortunately we are still a small business and our facility does not have unlimited capacity to take on as many juniors as there is demand for.

At this point we are not keeping a wait list, and unfortunately no exceptions can be made.

But as they say, there is always a silver lining. You can still play at Brock even if you're not a member, and our rates for junior golf, mini golf and footgolf are still the most affordable rates in Niagara.

See you soon at the course!
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