Jupiter Retrograde and Mercury's Shadow
Dear Friends, we have been inspired recently by a fabulous Moody Blues concert celebrating 50 years of their landmark album, Days of Future Past, and by the flowers that have unexpectedly revealed themselves in our desert home in Las Vegas and finally by Thursday's Full Moon. 

In this newsletter, we have three items to pass along. 

First, an article of a unique combination of Jupiter and Mercury both turning retrograde. 

Second, a Full Moon Meditation on the "window to your soul".  

Third, an update for the Neptune in Scorpio generation (those born from 1956 to 1970) related to Jupiter's transit of Scorpio from the perspective of Evolutionary Astrology. 

Thank you for sharing this journey with us.  

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Full Moon Meditation for March 1, 2018 

Jupiter Retrograde and Mercury's Shadow 
Jupiter Mercury
Jupiter (with lightening bolts) and Mercury (blue helmet with wings). 

You could consider Jupiter and Mercury to be the "intellectual dynamic duo" of astrology. Jupiter, the ruler of the sign Sagittarius, inspires us with a vision for the future that clarifies our philosophy of life. Mercury, the ruler of the signs Gemini and Virgo, brings a practical and logical approach to working with Jupiter's grand vision. So, Jupiter is the big picture strategist and Mercury is the detailed tactician. 

The key is that Jupiter and Mercury complement each other. Jupiter's big picture inspiration for the future is brought into a practical form when Mercury brings the intellectual curiosity to look at the details and identify the steps to bring the vision into reality. Alternatively, Mercury's willingness to endlessly explore another possibility often results in loosing sight of the big picture or the reason why we are doing something.

In the month of March, both Mercury and Jupiter will turn retrograde in a particularly unique way and in the process, they bring the potential to bring even more clarity to life than is seldom experienced.

Jupiter Retrograde

Once each year, transiting Jupiter turns retrograde and begins his journey backward through the zodiac for about four months. This year, transiting Jupiter will be retrograde from March 9, 2018 until turning direct or forward on July 10, 2018 in the sign of Scorpio. For those from the Neptune in Scorpio generation (1956 to 1970), be sure to read the updated article below after this.
The retrograde period of any planet includes the intention to re-visit the past, re-examine the themes and re-solve any outstanding issues. As you might expect with these "re" words, the retrograde period does not want to see us repeating the same old perspectives we came into the retrograde period with, but to discover new possibilities that resolve old challenges and make life better, more successful, more rewarding, more joyful.

Jupiter is the planet of your philosophy of life and visions for the future. So, Jupiter retrograde is a time to re-examine whether your philosophy and vision are working in real life or not. Sometimes, Jupiter may seem to give us a fantastic inspiration, but it is best to test it so that it is more than a "pipe dream" and so that our dream doesn't blow up in smoke.

Over the next four months, make some space in your calendar to sit back and revisit Jupiter's vision and philosophy. Look for the things that are not working out like you had planned. Ask if your vision and plans should be revised, or if your philosophy of life could use to be tweaked a bit. The most valuable vision from Jupiter is the one that you can bring into reality, which in turn makes life truly fulfilling.


Mercury Retrograde

On the same day that Jupiter turns retrograde, Mercury will enter the first of three stages of Mercury Retrograde, what is known as the "shadow". Mercury will remain in the "shadow" from March 9 until March 21, 2018.

In his second phase, Mercury will turn retrograde and move backward through the zodiac from March 22 until April 14, 2018. Finally, the third phase begins when Mercury turns direct and begin once again to move forward on April 15, 2018 (just in time for last minute tax filing).

Mercury retrograde maintains the intention to re-visit, re-examine and re-solve outstanding issues. As you might expect, Mercury does it his way. Let's take a look at how the three stages of Mercury retrograde work together.

Mercury's Wisdom - The Three phases of Mercury Retrograde

When Mercury enters the shadow period, it is the first pass through that provides an initial exploration of the degrees. Mercury's shadow begins at the same degree at which Mercury will turn from retrograde in phase two to direct in phase thee.

Second is the retrograde period, when Mercury turns around and makes a second pass that re-visits those same degrees from a different point of view and to re-visit, re-examine and re-solve some aspect of life.

Third is the direct period, when Mercury turns forward again and makes his third pass that takes the information from phase one and two and moves forward with a greater understanding of how things really work.

Imagine walking down a street called Mercury Lane and experience the three phases of Mercury Retrograde. The first time you walk down the street, you notice the shops and get a first glance at them. Take note of what you see and your ideas and opinions about what you see.

When you reach the end of the street, embrace Mercury retrograde, turn around and walk along the same street but in the opposite direction. You will pass the same shops but you will observe them from the opposite direction and therefore, have a new perspective on the same street. Take note of the new sights and observations. Ask if these new observations change your opinion of what you have seen.

When reach the end of the street, you will have returned to the place you began. As you turn around and walk down the street for the third time, it will be in the same direction as you first did. However, notice how your observation is different this third time. Your awareness and understanding of the street will be more complete, it will be richer and with a greater awareness of the complexity that you were not able to take note of on your first pass. This greater awareness provides the potential to recognize the street more fully and to realize how you can navigate this street more effectively.

That more complete awareness and the ability to navigate more effectively is the purpose of Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde is classically associated with technology and calendaring malfunctions and disruptions. However, technology is so widespread and many matters of life are so dependent on that potentially this is a bit of an out dated of a perspective on Mercury Retrograde.

I propose in this ever faster paced world that we view Mercury Retrograde as a time to be more present in tending to our world. Mercury is fast paced. So, we slow it down and pay more attention to the now. This way we can make the necessary observations and we have the time and space to tend to the details so that we are doing anything last minute and causing Mercury Retrograde disasters!

Jupiter and Mercury Retrograde Together

Since Mercury enters the shadow on the same day Jupiter turns retrograde, the period from March 9 to April 15, finds both Mercury and Jupiter in the process of re-visiting their complimentary themes. As Mercury re-examines the details, it supports Jupiter's efforts to re-examine the big picture. Alternatively, as Jupiter refines his philosophy and vision, he gives directional clarity to Mercury.

Together, Jupiter and Mercury want you to understand your path in life, your philosophy, your vision, your opinions in a way that they work effectively with the way your experience real life and the way life actually works. If one of your ideas or opinions (Mercury) or your philosophy or sense of truth (Jupiter) have not resulted in the outcomes you expected, the period with Jupiter and Mercury both in the retrograde phase is a great time to re-examine them. 

Let Jupiter's vision guide Mercury's ideas.  
Let Mercury's ideas clarify Jupiter's vision.

When you re-examine your intellectual perspective over the next five weeks, you will be moving in harmony (backward) with the Sun, Moon and stars, particularly Mercury and Jupiter.  

The Neptune In Scorpio Generation
Anyone born roughly between 1956 and 1970

The Healing Power of
Transiting Jupiter In Scorpio

Jupiter has been transiting Scorpio since October 2017 and will continue his journey through Scorpio until about November 2018.  And, amazingly, it is already March!  So, time to check in with this important transit for the Neptune in Scorpio generation born from roughly 1956 to 1970.

Here we are talking about  
natal Neptune in Scorpio  
being transited by Jupiter. 

It is important to take a step back and remember that Neptune is an outer planet, a slow moving planet as are Uranus and Pluto.  The result of the slow movement is that these planets form generational signatures. 

Neptune in Scorpio is a generational signature impacting souls born from 1956 to 1970.  This signature last occurred around 1806!  This context helps to frame the importance of this transit. 

The natal signature of Neptune in Scorpio, for spiritually inclined people, means that the concept of spirituality for you is not a superficial one. Neptune represents oneness.  Scorpio represents your soul and the wounding of our soul that inhibits the ultimate goal of Scorpio, which is transformation! 

You might say, is spirituality superficial for anyone?  First, from an Evolutionary Astrology perspective, not all souls are equally interested in spiritual growth and transformation, which is neither good nor bad, it is simply a fact.  There should be no internal judgement if you find that family members are not at all phased, but you are profoundly impacted by the transit.  Second, the magnitude of the power and depth of both Neptune, representing the vast ocean, combined with the dark depths of the Scorpionic lake that can never be completely fathomed, is significant.  Finally, Scorpio is a compulsive energy and you might find questioning becomes compulsive or we cover up our wounds with a compulsive avoidance tactic like codependence.

Souls with Neptune in Scorpio might relate to this quote from Socrates:

"The unexamined life is not worth living."

It is this level of depth we are speaking of where spirituality is not superficial for those with Neptune in Scorpio, rather it is explored with a depth of questioning with only one intent - to find the truth.  We might feel like we never stop questioning, we can't find answers and we are stuck with our unresolved wounding.  Scorpio is also a very psychic energy and that makes this exploration of our wounds all the more interesting.  This generational energy also means that many souls in this generation are therapists, healers, psychics, astrologers, etc.

As a contrast to this natal signature, for example, starting in 1970, Neptune moved into the sign of Sagittarius until 1984.  This last occurred around 1820. 

The archetype of the Neptune in Sagittarius generation is different than the archetype of the Neptune in Scorpio generation. In Sagittarius, Neptune does look as much to the wounding of the past as he did in Scorpio, rather he is seeking to align with a vision and personal philosophy of the future.  Neptune in Sagittarius is idealistic and dreams big.  We might find more coaches in this generation.  Neptune in Scorpio does not dream so much as he is looking to the past, exploring the wounds.

Naturally, for any individual, the entire birth chart needs to be examined and here we are speaking simply of one planet - Neptune!  But, in a sense, this transit of Jupiter over Neptune while in Scorpio can accelerate healing for a generation! 

When transiting Jupiter conjuncts Neptune in Scorpio, he brings his optimism for the future and his ability to dream, which is energizing. But, further, as the Guru planet who can support the movement from darkness to light, Jupiter supports the healing of these wounds.

For most all of you, this transit will hit your chart directly 3 times.  The first pass of this transit will be complete by March 9, 2018.  After reading this article, you might want to take some time to journal your experiences in preparation for the second pass of transiting Jupiter.

Around March 9, Jupiter will turn retrograde as he transits Scorpio and the second pass of transiting Jupiter to Neptune will take place!

If you are reading this newsletter, there is a strong likelihood that this transit is significant for you.  Here is a diagram of this transit as an example illustrating the placement of Neptune in a birth chart and demonstrating the 3 passes of the transit:

Naturally, transits do not occur in isolation.  You have this transit going on likely with many others and, for some, you have your second Saturn Return.  For others, you will have your Jupiter Return at the same time.  Some of you have many planets or a chart angle in Scorpio and Jupiter will hit all of those chart features, not just Neptune.  Transits that occur over many months will overlay one another and rise and fall in a lovely blending of soul evolution.

Is everyone wounded?  To some degree, we all have wounding inside us.  But, not to the same degree.  For those in the Neptune in Scorpio generation whose life has been very smooth and whose true self was nurtured in childhood and beyond, this transit might simply feel so very lovely and spur you to greater depths of spiritual bliss.  If this is happening for you, relish this time and bath in the soft waters of this divine ocean. 

For those whose life has not been so smooth and whose true self was not nurtured or whose early life circumstances were such that your true self felt abandoned and, along with many emotional wounds got buried, this transit might feel a bit rocky and even very painful.  By trusting the unfolding of our life, we can lift the veil and take the gentle hand of your inner child and begin the journey back to the true self!

Neptune in Scorpio's search for the ultimate truth that transforms is not without pain for some.  This means that we will confront our pains during this time, the pains that exist deep down whose source we do not fully know.  There are so many lovely resources and guides writing about the topic of how to 'stop running from our pain' and learn to sit with that pain.  It might be very beneficial at this time to explore Eckhart Tolle's work on Pain Body. 

If pain arises because a unconscious life circumstance triggered it, we remain present and do not react to it.  Rather, we slow down and greet it confidently in the light.  We sit with it.  We feel it.  We acknowledge it as part of us and we learn to let this blocked energy pass through us. 

This is a an excellent transit to be very aware of what is buried deep that is preventing us from embracing our true self.  Why?  First, you deserve that.  Second, Jupiter will enter Sagittarius in December 2018 and you want to be ready for that - Jupiter empowered in his own sign of Sagittarius will represent a whole new wave of potentials for all us and a whole new set of planetary archetypes to focus on! 

Here are dates and degrees:
Jupiter will travel direct  
until Mar 9, 2018,  
when he goes retrograde  
at 23 Scorpio
By this time,  
most everyone  
in this group  
will have been  
impacted once.
Jupiter will travel retrograde  
until Jul 9, 2018, all the way  
back to 13 Scorpio.
This will be the  
second pass for  
each person.
Jupiter will then travel direct  
until he leaves Scorpio  
in early November 2018
The final pass for 12 years

Please Share

We are all in this together, if you want to write us and share a sentence of two that sum up what you are feeling at this time, we would like to compile those experiences to share in our next newsletter as it can be so helpful to know that we are not alone on this journey!

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