Jupiter Retrograde in Sagittarius - Inspired Radiant Action!
April 2019
Dear Friends, the first quarter of 2019 has come and gone in what feels like flash! Today we are writing about Jupiter Retrograde in Sagittarius and the chapters of life reflected in Jupiter's 12 year orbit around your birth chart.

We are experiencing the movement of Jupiter very personally as Sappho, inspired by a Jupiter transit, left her career in 2007 to join The Traveler's Well full time as part of our plan to become 100 percent virtual and eventually move to Europe. Whether we consciously knew it or not, we were beginning the biggest chapter of our life together at that time thanks to Jupiter.

For 12 years, we have worked side by side to grow The Traveler's well and traveled there and back again. We turn the page on this memorable chapter very exhausted, but with the wisdom and inspiration to create a vision for our future together that contains more joy, freedom and balance!

Indeed a blessing from Jupiter! Thank you for sharing the journey with us!

Blessings and peace, Wolfram and Sappho
Jupiter Retrograde in Sagittarius

The planet Jupiter is presently transiting the sign he rules: Sagittarius!  Jupiter transits Sagittarius once every 12 years and he will remain in Sagittarius until early December 2019. 

Jupiter - Greater Benefic & Fire Trine

Jupiter, like the Sun, is referred to as a Greater Benefic bringing blessings and fortunate events into your world. 

Jupiter supports
the development of
your personal philosophy of life and
your vision for the future
that illuminates your path in life!

Jupiter rules Sagittarius, which is a fire sign. 

Sagittarius (Jupiter) forms a fire trine with Leo (the Sun) and Aries (Mars). 

Trines are supportive, soft astrological formations and, in the fire signs with Aries being on the Ascendant, we have archetypes that support the formation of your identity and introduce the concepts of radiance, confidence and optimism.   

Leo supports your ability to Know Thyself, which instructs your personal philosophy of life and vision for the future (Sagittarius), and this in turn refers back to your identity and how you confidently take action in the world (Aries). 

This is how the Sun and Jupiter have become known as Great Benefics: they support the formation of your identity through this fire trine, which leads to personal fulfillment!

So, that backdrop is the lens through which you experience Jupiter. He is depicted with lightening bolts that he uses to project powerful bolts of inspiration into your world with a sudden flash. 

In the sudden flash of his transits, you experience the power of the fire trine.

When Jupiter's inspiration strikes the power can be enormous, reflecting the fact that Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system.

To benefit from his flashes of inspiration, you need to know yourself well enough (Leo) and have enough confidence to act (Aries) on the vision that is crystal clear to you (Sagittarius) right away.  

When moving in harmony with this fire trine, you essentially have the instinctual ability to trust your personal vision and know what the right action is for you to take. You feel inspired about your life in these moments and you act on that inspiration!

When you know who you are and
have a clear vision for your future,
you are energetically aligned and
Jupiter’s blessings are more available to you
to act on
without resistance. 

If by chance you avoid living in accordance with your philosophy of life or if you have not defined your philosophy of life, then you may lack a vision for your future. In this case, when you are struck by the energy of one of Jupiter’s lightning bolts, you might shrink and recoil from the energy and potentially miss Jupiter’s blessings because his lightning bolts of inspiration are met with resistance (self-doubt, fears, lack of confidence, etc.). 

This resistance is nothing to be ashamed of as it merely points to vulnerable places within us that are seeking to step out of the darkness and into the light of truth when the time is right!  

If that resistance makes you feel like you are missing out on your life during a Jupiter transit, then you have a great motivation to work on knowing yourself and overcoming fears and doubts that are holding you back through Jupiter's blessings. That in itself is a great gift from Jupiter!

If not acted upon swiftly, Jupiter’s inspiration will fade and leave you less vital and potentially feeling like you are wandering alone in the wilderness a bit lost.  
Jupiter wants you to embrace his inspiration, to take confident action and build new momentum for your future.  

Jupiter’s transits have a goal of
helping you to reach the point where you are
ready to receive without resistance

Jupiter Retrograde

In a couple of days, at 24 of Sagittarius, Jupiter will turn retrograde. He will travel retrograde until August 11 when he will reach 14 of Sagittarius. After August 11, he will move direct until he leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn in early December 2019, not to return for 12 years. 

Who is impacted?

For those with planets or angles from 14 to 24 Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini or Virgo, you will be particularly blessed during this transit of Jupiter as he will visit these points in your chart three times, giving you the ability to grasp the inspiration and formulate your vision and actions. 

Also, those with 14 to 24 degrees of Aries and Leo (in the fire trine) will be similarly impacted. 

Jupiter has already traveled over these points once.  Between now and August 11 will be the second pass with the final pass occurring after August 11.

  • Do you feel an inspiration arising? 
  • Has an opportunity recently presented itself? 
  • Are you feeling drawn to a future that is better for thee than the past? 
  • Is the vision of the inspiration clear to you?  
  • Do you have a central, personal guiding philosophy of life?
  • Do you consistently act on the inspirations you feel?
  • Are you experiencing resistance?

Jupiter - 12 Year Chapters of Life

Jupiter is planet that travels around your birth chart swiftly. Unlike Saturn who takes roughly 29 years or Pluto who takes 248 years to move through your entire chart, Jupiter will move through your entire chart in 12 years and you will experience 6 to 8 full cycles of Jupiter in your lifetime.  

Jupiter moves quickly and he expects you to act quickly on his inspiration. Saturn and Pluto are more patient and, with them, action is never required today, but they want you to be progressively moving toward a goal. 

Jupiter wants you act now and dance in the light of his brilliant inspiration, moving one step closer to living a joyful and free life.

Who is starting a new 12 year cycle?

For Jupiter, each of these 12 year periods can be referred to as a chapter of life.  If you have planets or angles from 14 to 24 degrees of Sagittarius (particularly if the Sun, Ascendant, Uranus and Jupiter are in that area of your chart), you are beginning a new chapter of life. 

In this case, you can look back 12 years for what began 12 years ago, roughly in 2007. In this way, you can recognize the chapter of life that is wrapping up by looking at what was happening when it started and maybe even looking in 3 year increments until now to see if you can find connecting threads. You should be able to develop a story line that accompanies this chapter. 

As you look back, you might discover that you want to build on the past 12 years as it was an excellent foundation. 

Or, you might be inspired to make sure the next 12 years are nothing like the last 12. 

Or, it might be a combination of the two where you have a vision for your future, but you still feel blocked by your resistance. 

For those starting a new chapter, if you are unclear about what is ending and what is beginning, this retrograde period is an excellent time to re-look at things.

How is everyone else impacted?

For all of us, Jupiter retrograde is a particularly favorable time to review your path in life.  In that review, embrace the “re” words. This is the time to re-visit your path, re-consider your vision for the future and re-solve the challenges that hold you back.

If you have planets or angles from 14 to 24 degrees of Gemini, Pisces or Virgo, you are at some point either 3, 6 or 9 years into a 12 year cycle. This time might represent, rather than a new beginning, a learning on your path. This learning might build momentum or it might tweak your path in some way. It might be a breakthrough that brings new optimism to your life! 

Paying attention at this time will help to ensure that you can look back at this 12 year cycle when it wraps up and recognize how your life was enriched over this time.

Jupiter Awareness

The reason we all need to consciously focus on Jupiter is that he moves swiftly and hence he expects you will too. In the modern world technology has made us more efficient, but it has also made us more distracted and easily overwhelmed. 

That means, we might too often focus on what is wrong versus what is right in our world. Therefore, the big, heavy transits of the outer planets might consume us, like all of that heaviness with Saturn and Pluto presently in Capricorn. 

But, while those heavy transits are taking place, Jupiter is racing around your chart looking to bestow blessings upon you. 

We are all well served by slowing down and give Jupiter some consideration by clarifying our personal philosophy of life and our vision for the future. You might want to dedicate some time each day connecting with the aspects of your philosophy and vision that you wish to be more present in your world. 

Building your future one conscious thought at a time.

If you practice this, you benefit on many levels and open yourself up to the benefits Jupiter wishes you to receive!

The very next newsletter in a couple of weeks will focus on Saturn moving retrograde. That means Saturn will potentially be making waves in your world at the same time Jupiter wishes to bestow inspiration. 

May you dance with these energies and enjoy your soul evolution as you align with the frequency of joy and freedom!

Las Vegas Update

This is only our second Winter in Las Vegas and some say this was the longest, coldest and snowiest Winter in over 30 years (maybe more than that, but it is hard to find anyone who has lived here longer than that). So, we really do not yet know what to expect next year. We did love the snow, but we were ready to start gardening in February like last year. However, we needed to wait until the end of March to really begin our gardening.

We are just today beginning to turn the corner and should be able to say goodbye to our jackets and scarves this week and get our A/C tuned up.

We ordered some pre-chilled bulbs and planted them in containers. It was a joy to be surrounded by the Spring blooms that meant so much to us.

We have created 2 large planting areas, started our tomato seeds, planted 6 roses and about 10 other plants. We have 7 trees in our yard and a lot of deep shade so the typical desert plants won't grow there due to a lack of Sun. So, we tried some columbine and hostas in our back yard micro climate.

This gardening year will be one big adventure as we figure out what will work and what will not.

That which looks like grass in the yard is artificial turf so you need a vacuum cleaner and not a lawn mower!